SBX Cars have a Tesla Cybertruck to get your hands on – this is not a drill

The 'Foundation Series' EV pickup is the ultimate in stealth luxury
  • The Tesla Cybertruck is already an iconic vehicle
  • Now, SBX Cars have a Foundation Series Cybertruck to get your hands on
  • It’s the world’s first public auction for a Tesla Cybertruck

Published on Apr 4, 2024 at 5:59PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 10, 2024 at 5:30PM (UTC+4)

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SBX Cars have a Tesla Cybertruck to get your hands on - this is not a drill

The Tesla Cybertruck was the buzziest car launch ever – and the hype surrounding the EV pickup, which dropped in November 2023, looks set to continue. 

Now, Supercar Blondie’s new global, premium, and digital car-auction platform, SBX Cars, has one that you can get your hands on. 

The best part? There’s no reserve, meaning bidding for this iconic EV pickup began at just $1 and it will be sold to the highest bidder.

And wherever you want to take it for a spin, it can be delivered anywhere you want in the world with zero shipping fees.

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Alex Hirschi – Supercar Blondie herself – shows you around in this fact-packed review video.

With the exclusive Tesla Cybertruck turning heads everywhere, this Foundation Series Cybertruck is the last word in stealth luxury.

With zero Tesla or Cybertruck badges, the ‘Foundation Series’ laser etching whispers about its exclusivity – you have to be invited to order one. 

In other words: you have to be very lucky to have one in your garage – and now SBX Cars is live – one lucky person has that opportunity. 

Its unique, futuristic, geometric form and ultra-tough stainless steel exterior make it instantly recognizable and durable.

The windows of the Tesla Cybertruck are designed to be pretty robust, too.

While not bulletproof like the rest of the EV pickup, they’ve been proven to withstand a 70mph impact from a baseball.

Meanwhile, on the road, its 20-inch wheels and mammoth 35-inch tires with aerodynamic arrow covers improve range and give it unrivaled off-road capabilities that many owners have already tested to the max.

As for storage, the massive tray back is covered by a waterproof tonneau cover that smoothly and silently opens at the touch of a button, and has lighting to allow loading in low light conditions, as well as two charging outlets up to 240V. 

Plus the unprecedented ‘frunk’ is a nice extra bit of bonus storage.

Step inside using the credit card-like contactless key to discover the minimalist cabin, which serves as the ultimate control center.

It features a redesigned yoke wheel with all features built-in, an 18.5-inch floating screen, and an overhead-console gear selector.

All-wheel steering makes the 600HP, dual-motor behemoth much easier to handle and get nimbly around corners, while rear-view cameras allow the driver 360 vision when the truck-bed is closed.

But if it’s speed you want, it can go 0-97 km/h (0-60 mph) in 3.9 seconds.

Alongside this being the very first car ever sold on SBX Cars, you could also be the very first person in your country to own the Tesla Cybertruck as well as a handwritten ‘thank you’ note from Alex herself. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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