Supercar Blondie launches SBX Cars: the first global auction platform for luxury vehicles 

It opens with an incredible $100 million in consignments

  • The rare hypercars and luxury transportation you see on Supercar Blondie are now within your grasp
  • Supercar Blondie is launching a new global, premium and digital car-auction platform on Tuesday, 2nd April: SBX Cars
  • It boasts $100 million in consignments, including a Tesla Cybertruck

Published on Apr 2, 2024 at 5:00PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 10, 2024 at 5:30PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Tom Wood

For the first time, the rare hypercars and luxury transportation you see on Supercar Blondie could be yours.

With the same fascinating videos and in-depth, brought-to-you-first articles you know and love – now the Supercar Blondie experience is going interactive.

And it’s like nothing you’ve seen before, with the chance to get your hands on some of the rarest cars in the world with SBX Cars.


Supercar Blondie is launching a new global, premium and digital car-auction platform on Tuesday, 2nd April: SBX Cars.

These include the world’s first Mercedes–AMG ONE and the world’s first Hyperion XP-1 prototype to go to public auction.

The world’s leading car content creator, our very own Supercar Blondie, aka Alex Hirschi, has built an audience of more than two billion monthly viewers and more than 110 million followers.

After years of scouring the globe to find the most unique and sought-after cars on the planet, alongside co-founder, husband and SB Media Group CEO, Nik Hirschi, they saw that something was missing. 

“For years, collectors and enthusiasts have reached out to us asking where they could buy the extraordinary cars and other vehicles that Supercar Blondie features,” Alex says.

“Unfortunately, there was no centralized community or platform connecting those buyers and sellers from all over the world.”

Instead, sellers and buyers have been forced to wait for major auction events – meaning a wait of several months.

Also, time-consuming travel to be there in person, in addition to complicated automobile transport for an uncertain result, was a problem Hirschi was keen to solve. 

SBX Cars will allow the international car-collecting community to auction hypercars and luxury transportation conveniently and time-efficiently.

“With SBX Cars, we’ve addressed that by providing a global auction site focused on giving our audience the chance to acquire these amazing dream machines from anywhere in the world,” she continues.

“Creating SBX Cars comes as the natural next step for our company. Everything under consignment is something that the Supercar Blondie channels regularly cover, ranging from one-of-a-kind prototypes to a Japanese multi-million dollar robot.”

And SBX Cars is starting as it means to go on with a staggering $100 million plus in consignments confirmed pre-launch.

This includes several world-first exclusives and phenomenal lots of classic cars, hypercars, supercars and special vehicles.

In addition to the Mercedes–AMG ONE and Hyperion XP-1, there’s also TYDE’s first hydrofoil electric glass yacht designed by BMW, and the already iconic Tesla Cybertruck with no reserve.

In terms of hyper rarity, there’s a lot of one-of-three LaFerrari prototypes on offer, a one-of-nine Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, and a Lamborghini Veneno Coupé, which is one of three ever made.

There’s also a historic lot of Formula One memorabilia.

It includes a legendary collection of genuine John Player special racing cars from the Lotus F1 team, hailing from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

The collection boasts Grand Prix cars driven by Nigel Mansell, Elio de Angelis, Ronnie Peterson, Johnny Dumfries and more, as well as transporters and F1 team leader Colin Chapman’s airplane the Lotus team used during that era.

What’s more, a historic collection of Colin Chapman’s personal vehicles are included.

On the classic-car side, the auction features stunning models including the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, a Lamborghini Miura, a BMW 507, an Aston Martin DB5, and a rare Isdera Spyder 036i.

Headquartered in California, US, dedicated auction specialists and customer-care representatives in Los Angeles, Dubai, and London will be on hand with 24/7, end-to-end guidance for sellers and buyers.

This includes Supercar Blondie’s global network of photographers and videographers, who will showcase each lot in breathtaking detail.

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