Vietnamese mates make a Bugatti Chiron from clay and fiberglass

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Man standing next to homemade Bugatti Chiron

Owning a $3.3 million Bugatti Chiron is something many dream of, but even fewer will ever actually realize as only 500 will be made.

However that hasn’t stopped a group of friends from a small rural village in Vietnam from achieving that dream as they took matters into their own hands and built their own Chiron instead.

The group of friends run a popular YouTube channel, NHẾT TV, and documented the build in a 46-minute video.

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They started by building a custom frame from scratch to install body panels on.

The group then covered it in tape before heading to a local quarry to source some clay.

They proceed to apply the clay over the frame and sculpt it to represent the lines of a Chiron before covering the mold with fiberglass to create the actual body panels of the car.

The team then set about building the frame it would actually be driving around on, fitting an engine to power the rear wheels and even giving it push-rod suspension.

After draping the fiberglass panels over the final chassis, it was time to sand it down and hit it with some paint; the guys opted to go with the Chiron’s black and blue launch colors.

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A final tour around the finished product reveals they really had thought of every detail, with the lighting looking accurate to the original, and even adding a cargo area under the hood.

A mock-up of the Chiron’s W16 engine cover was incorporated at the rear and carefully crafted to resemble the original.

It might not look to be as big as an actual Chiron, but it’s certainly big enough to drive around in and all of the lines are accurate to the real thing.

It’s a seriously impressive and ingenious effort.

I’d dare say some company needs to give them a job making clay models for real concept cars!

Bugatti Chiron price

  • The price of a Bugatti Chiron starts at $3.3 million.
  • The price of a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport starts at $3.6 million.
  • The price of a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport starts at $3.9 million.



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