New Zealand seaside mansion is designed like a superyacht

  • A mansion in New Zealand was designed to resemble an ocean liner
  • It has its own private mooring and boat launch
  • The unique home needs a new captain, but it’ll cost you a few million

Published on Dec 27, 2023 at 2:10 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

Last updated on Dec 27, 2023 at 9:27 PM (UTC+4)
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New Zealand seaside mansion is designed like a superyacht

Some homes have a nautical theme but this one takes it to the next level: it’s designed to resemble a superyacht.

It was built on the topmost tip of New Zealand by boating enthusiasts.

With decor sourced from shipyards and a private entrance to the sea, this place is a yacht-lover’s dream.

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The Bay of Islands is a sub-tropical paradise in the north of New Zealand.

It’s the spot for water sports, snorkelling, sailing and generally enjoying the sea.

So it makes sense that sailors would come here to rest.

A retired boating couple own a unique home here, designed to resemble a superyacht.

The home is built on a point that juts into the tranquil bay and is surrounded by a small forest.

One of its best features is its access to the water.

The owners have their own boat launch and private beach gazebo.

The exterior of the home is designed in a Cape Cod style – an area famous for its seaside appeal.

Many of the windows are round, resembling stylish portholes.

It was thanks to COVID that this superyacht abode took its shape, giving the owners time to add an extension, sprawling garden and a pool.

Because every superyacht worth its salt should have an incredible pool.

Further inspired by the superyacht trend of having small bodies of water onboard to enjoy while sailing over big bodies of water, there’s a jacuzzi too.

The indoor-outdoor deck is reminiscent of a boat, with views of both the ocean and the lush forest below.

For the interior, they shopped at ship chandlers, buying pieces that would usually be used to furnish a yacht.

This includes pendant lights, dark wood panelling, and decorative buoys.

The color palette is nautical too, with blue and white stripes and gray tones used throughout.

There are five bedrooms, all designed to resemble cabins.

Granted, some really luxurious and spacious cabins.

And because no ship would be complete without deckhands, there is a manager’s residence on site too.

The current owners have had enough of living on their moored superyacht home and are selling it to go traveling.

This means the home needs a new captain.

Except instead of a yachting license, applicants will need $5.38 million.


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