New 111-foot superyacht has a mesmerizing glass-bottom pool that looks into the owner’s suite

This is a room with a really unique view.
  • Gulf Craft has just unveiled its latest superyacht
  • It’s 111 feet long and sleeps 12 people
  • Its most exciting feature is a glass-bottomed pool, directly above the master bedroom

Published on Dec 14, 2023 at 8:00PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 15, 2023 at 3:13PM (UTC+4)

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This 111 foot superyacht has a glass-bottom pool
Majesty Yachts

The Majesty 111 is a new superyacht with incredible bonus features.

The yacht is designed for both private use and charter.

It’s not unusual for ultra-luxurious yachts to feature a pool on deck.

But the one on board the Majesty is unlike any you’ve seen.

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The yacht makers at Gulf Craft just unveiled their latest superyacht.

The Majesty 111 won the award for Best Interior Design at the 2023 World Yacht Trophies.

And it’s easy to see why.

She is decorated in a mid-century modern style, with clean lines, light wood and a focus on functionality.

The yacht is incredibly spacious, measuring 111 feet and featuring two and a half decks.

Based in the UAE, Gulf Craft designs its yachts to accommodate large (and very luxurious) family holidays.

The 111 has multiple areas for socializing, to suit a range of generations.

There are six staterooms, each able to sleep two people.

While the master bedroom is obviously the most luxurious, there is also a VIP suite which is almost on par.

The main salon is roomy and tastefully decorated, looking more like a hotel than a boat.

There is stylish recessed lighting, statement artwork, and plenty of plush chairs for lounging on.

Upstairs is the second salon, which has a wet bar.

This leads to the sundeck, which comfortably hosts dinners and cocktail parties alike.

The side decks are surprisingly wide, in case the owners want to throw large parties on board.

But there’s one feature that sets this superyacht a class above the rest.

The foredeck lounge is the largest and most opulent, with ample seating and sunbeds.

In the center is a dip pool, which is a surprisingly generously size and has a glass bottom.

The pool is directly above the master bedroom, creating a magical, dappled light in the room.

Whether swimmers can see into the room from the pool or not is not clear.

But the owners should enforce a no-goggle rule just to be safe.

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