This incredible new 230ft superyacht is designed to look like a flame

With a low, sleek profile, it's one of the most beautiful modern yacht designs of its time.

by | Published on 8th Sep 2023

This superyacht has been designed to look like a huge flame shooting across the ocean.

Centrostiledesign is the brains behind some of the most innovative nautical architecture out there.

And its latest concept is no different.

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Its fleet of yacht designs includes an electric foiling yacht, which looks like a sportscar and basically flies above the water.

The company’s latest concept is this superyacht dubbed the Flame.

The superyacht takes inspiration from fire, shaped like a combination of an arrowhead and, of course, a flame.

While superyachts are traditionally a bright white, the dark ash gray of the Flame gives it a modern edge.

On its roof are a series of solar panels arranged in a flame shape.

“As well as giving a particular play of light and catching the eye of the most attentive, the panels will absorb the energy needed to keep the boat ‘clean’, powering the utilities onboard and making itself useful in some stretches of maneuvering and navigation,” Centrostiledesign said.

The exterior of the boat is minimalist, with simple and clean lines.

Her profile is low and sleek, which will help Flame to blaze through the oceans with ease.

The Italian design firm’s aim with this concept was to reduce the gap between interior and exterior.

To achieve this, Flame has large glass windows along her sides, which allow maximum natural light into her spacious interior.

These also allow for uninterrupted views, even when inside the yacht.

Designed with luxury in mind, the yacht has multiple living levels and even space for a helipad.

And what would a superyacht be without a swimming pool?

The Flame boasts a pool at its center as well as ample deck space for lounging.

This superyacht is still in its concept stages at the Italian design studio.

With its futuristic design, striking shade and sleek exterior, however, the Flame is sure to be commissioned by a yacht-lover who wants to stand out from the rest.



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