The 10 best cheap gadgets that will breathe new life into your car

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Adding a new gadget to your car can completely change the game, so we’ve listed the best cheap buys.

Whether you want to give your old runabout a second chance or fit your brand new truck with the latest technology, this list has the most practical and affordable gadgets on the market.

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Dashcam – Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Garmin Dash Cam 66W gadget

The Garmin Dash Cam 66W provides a 180-degree field of view in 1440P HD video while displaying what you see on a 2″ LCD screen.

This dashcam automatically records and saves video footage of incidents and alerts you with red light camera locations.

Garmin’s app uses four cameras to alert you to hazards on the road including potential collisions, giving you the peace of mind you need behind the wheel.

Battery Charger – Optima Digital 400 12V Performance

Optima Digital 400 gadget

A battery charger is probably the most useful thing on this list. It’ll keep your vehicle going even if it’s been sitting unused for a while and you’ll be the hero of your friendship group when someone needs a boost.

The Optima Digital 400 can handle most things you throw at it.

Laser/Radar Detector – Escort MAX 360 

Escort MAX 360 gadget

We can’t recommend or condone speeding, but we also can’t deny it would bring piece of mind to know if a radar was around the corner.

There was a long period of time when the best laser/radar detector was Valentine ONE, but that has now arguably been surpassed by the Escort MAX 360.

Tire Pressure Monitor – Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor gadget

Nowadays a simple press of the button will display what your tire pressure is for all four tires, but if your prized vehicle is a bit older, you have to rely on your eyes, feeling on the road, or maybe kicking a tire to know when you’re low on pressure.

But with this gadget, that’s all a thing of the past.

The Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor provides four external sensor caps to place on your valve stems which send a signal to a phone app.

OBD2 Scanner – FOXWELL NT201

FOXWELL NT201 gadget

One of the most important ways to help your car is to know what’s going on with it.

This is where the trusty OBD2 scanner comes into play.

Sadly, there’s a lot of junk out there in the world of OBD2 scanners.

Unfortunately, some are only likely to tell you what you already know, that there’s an issue but will give you no direction as to what that issue might be.

We think the OBD2 Scanner – FOXWELL NT201 is a great starter.

It’ll give you the information you need without breaking the bank.

Navigation – Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps

When it comes to navigation, you’ve got to have the best – especially when the best is free.

Whether you have an older vehicle without a navigation system or a brand new one with its own navigation system, you can’t go past Google maps.

Google maps is the best on the market when it comes to the detail and efficiency of navigation.

Available via Google: FREE

Cheap Gas – GasBuddy


Until electric vehicles take over, this gadget will get you the best value for money fuel.

This gadget will tell you exactly where has the cheapest gas to save a penny or two.

And the best app in 2022 is GasBuddy – it’s reliable and the best part, free.

In-Car DVD Player – DBPOWER 12″ Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER 12 Portable DVD Player

In headrest DVD players can come with a hefty price tag.

We suggest opting for one which can just slide over your headrest and be taken out of the vehicle for picnics, beach days, or whatever you have planned.

That is why we recommend a portable DVD Player like the DBPOWER 12″.

Trunk Organization – Cozyswan Car Trunk Organizer

Cozyswan Car Trunk Organizer

It doesn’t matter if you drive a commuter car or the latest performance machine, when you have cargo in the trunk you don’t want it flying about.

We recommend the Cozyswan Car Trunk Organizer, which features four storage compartments including a cooler & warmer set.

FloorLiners – WeatherTech

WeatherTech floormat

It doesn’t matter how pristine you intend to keep your vehicle, it will get dirty, particularly in the floor mats department.

This product will help to avoid the situation getting out of hand.

WeatherTech guards are laser-measured to fit your particular vehicle and will keep the carpet underneath spotless.

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