iOS 16: Everything we know about Apple’s new iPhone update

by | Apr 22, 2022 - 1:24PM | Gadgets, Tech

An iPhone with an inset of an iOS leak tweet.

Every September, Apple comes out with a brand-new iPhone model and with that comes a new update which tends to be announced in June.

Here’s what we already know about Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 update.

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When is iOS 16 coming out?

It is most likely Apple will follow the same routine it has done for years and announce the update in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The update will then launch with the iPhone 14 in September.

Before then, however, it is possible we will see a few smaller updates.

According to Bloomberg, we can expect to see small iterations up to iOS 15.5.

This update will include some Apple Pay improvements, Home app alterations and something called iTunes Pass – a virtual card to hold funds for Apple digital and physical purchases.

We are on IOS 15.4.1 at the time of writing.

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Will my iPhone get the update?

Apple tries to be as inclusive as it can when it comes to new product updates, but sometimes your old device simply can’t handle the new features they bring.

This is why with iOS 16, Techradar predicts that iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and original iPhone SE users won’t get the latest software update.

Other than that, all newer iPhones will be compatible.

Bigger widgets?

There are always leaks before a new software update is released and this year is no different.

LeaksApplePro on Twitter reports that the tech giant will introduce larger widgets with iOS 16 that will display more information and appear more vibrant and prominent onscreen.

So now that we’ve talked about what we do know about iOS 16, what are we hoping to see come with the latest update?

Here’s three of our wish list items:

1. Always-on lock screen

The first feature that we’d love to see in the next iOS update is an always-on lock screen.

This is a feature that the tech giant first introduced to the Apple Watch last year and we think it would make lots of sense for the iPhone to have the same feature.

Tapping on your phone to see your notifications is so old school, so why not simply glance at it to see what’s new? Just like the flashing light a Blackberry has to let you know if you have any new notifications.

2. Apple Pencil support for iPhone

Another feature that we love from the iPad that would work really well on iPhone is the implementation of Apple Pencil usage.

Being able to use an Apple Pencil on an iPhone would remind us of the good old days of using a stylus on a cheap touchscreen smartphone – who remembers those?!

This would bring other benefits too such as being able to write signatures more accurately, photo and video editing, drawing on Instagram stories and even scrolling through social media apps such as TikTok or searching the web.

3. Bring back battery percentage

Apple took away the displayed battery percentage with the launch of the iPhone X.

This meant battery nerds couldn’t find out the exact amount of juice they had left throughout the day by just glancing at the top of the screen.

So why not bring it back? With the smaller notches of the iPhone 13, there is certainly space for a small battery percentage icon.

Yes, this is a small thing but it would mean a lot to at least have the option to have it once again.


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