Man takes insane homemade helicopter he created in garden shed on test flight

by | May 7, 2022 - 9:32AM | Tech

The homemade helicopter lifts off the ground.

This homemade helicopter sounds like a lawnmower possessed by a demon and the tip of its blade spins at 400mph.

It’s the creation of YouTuber btd1982 who has been posting videos of his amazing (and terrifying) backyard engineering project.

The metal skeleton looks a bit like a gyrocopter built during an apocalypse, it’s raw and everything is there with one purpose – flight.

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The helicopter weighs 138.7kg, then you add the weight of its creator and you get an idea of how powerful this small machine truly is to get itself airborne.

Btd1982 has posted two test flight videos so far, but he’s taking the sensible approach of tethering his chopper to the ground with thick wire so things can’t get out of hand.

The first test flight is in a grassy field. A windsock in the background flutters as a small group of supporters watch the maiden flight.

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Wearing a black motorcycle helmet, btd1982 pushes the throttle on until the helicopter skids start to leave the ground.

It’s a cautious but successful first test.

“Playing around with this sort of thing is serious fun to say the least, and pretty terrifying as well,” he narrates in the video.

The second test flight is in his backyard. There’s no wind this time, something the YouTuber says will decide any future flights after learning how much a breeze can impact everything the helicopter does.

His hovering attempts this time get a bit more airborne. But it’s still tethered to the ground to keep things a bit safer.

“It’s going to take me a lot of hours to learn how to fly this machine,” he says.

But the YouTuber is confident he can make the transition from tethered to free flight.

We will certainly be watching his progress because this homemade helicopter looks insane.



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