Elon Musk says his slightly-terrifying ‘Tesla Bot’ will be ready as early as SEPTEMBER

Elon Musk is giving his Tesla Bot a 'brain' using AI.

by | Published on 3rd Jun 2022

Elon Musk’s humanoid Tesla Bot could be here as early as September.

The world’s richest person took to Twitter to announce the Optimus prototype could be working by September 30. 

Musk said the Tesla Bot – which will stand 172cm tall and weigh 56kg – is being designed to “eliminate dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks” like grocery shopping and household chores.

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Musk said the robot’s first job will be to perform tasks at Tesla but as its technology improves, it will go on to be used in businesses and homes. 

He said the robotic humanoid will one day have “the potential to be more significant than the vehicle business”.

That’s a big call.

Optimus was first announced in 2021. 

Then earlier this year, Musk said the Tesla bot would go into production in 2023. 

But in true Elon Musk fashion, things appear to be moving much faster.


Musk said he planned to give the robot a ‘brain’ using artificial intelligence. 

He said Optimus would be “built by humans, for humans” and guaranteed it would be “friendly”. 

While Musk’s September 30 prediction is thrilling, we’re not getting too excited just yet because we know Musk regularly makes predictions about Tesla launches that, ehm, don’t exactly happen as planned. 

Remember when we thought the Tesla Cybertruck was coming soon?

Tesla is also taking orders for its $180,000 Semi truck, even though it doesn’t exist yet.

Tesla’s AI Day 

Elon Musk last month announced a Tesla AI Day on August 19, promising “many cool updates”. 

But he has since delayed the event, pushing it back to September 30. 

He said the only reason for the delay was because he hoped to unveil the working prototype of his robot at the AI Day. 

News of the delay was not exactly warmly received. 

Twitter users went into a frenzy, accusing Musk of delaying the event because his projects weren’t ready. 

“In today’s post, Elon talks about more things that will never happen,” one said. 

“Translation: they’ve gotten nowhere on this project and the team will now have to grind out 120 hour weeks to get something done by September,” another said. 

One person even offered to dress up and pretend to be the robot to hold everyone over until it was actually ready. 

His offer was turned down by Optimus himself, saying “I got that handled”. 

It wasn’t all doom and gloom on the platform, which Musk is trying to buy for $44 billion

Others were just excited about the release, saying “Tesla is the undeniable leader in the real world artificial intelligence”. 

“Name another company doing more than Tesla. There’s no one,” they said. 

Tesla Bot stats

  • Can carry up to 20kg and deadlift 68kg
  • Walks at 8km/h
  • Stands 172cm tall and weighs 56kg
  • A screen on its face will show useful info
  • It has eight cameras to navigate and ‘see’ its environment
  • Will have AI tech already in use in Tesla vehicles




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