Tesla is giving away a free Model 3 Performance through its controversial referral program

You could soon walk home - sorry we mean drive home - with a free car.

Published on Sep 21, 2023 at 2:40PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Sep 21, 2023 at 2:40PM (UTC+4)

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Tesla Model 3 Performance hero image

Tesla is revamping its referral program with the addition of what is arguably the biggest and most valuable prize yet: a car.

That’s right, one lucky winner will be walking home – sorry, driving home – with a free Tesla Model 3 Performance.

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After pausing it for a few months, Tesla relaunched its referral program in 2023 and is now (heavily) banking on it to boost sales of the Cybertruck.

It works just like any other referral program, except automakers generally shun this sort of thing.

But, for better or worse, Tesla isn’t the average automaker, which is why it is just about the only car brand that does this.

How exactly does it work?

As a Tesla owner, you can share your referral code and earn credits when somebody else buys a car using your code.

You can then redeem those credits to get items from the online store, get free Supercharger miles or even enter raffles to win a car.

The Cybertruck was already part of the sweepstakes, and now Tesla has also added a Model 3 Performance worth $53,990.

Winners will be announced in October and they’re free to do what they want with the car, including reselling it right away.

It seems there’s never a boring moment with Tesla as the American automaker is constantly making headlines for one reason or another.

After slashing prices across the board for every new car including the Model S Plaid, Tesla began hyping up the Cybertruck.

We’re used to Cybertruck leaks and rumors, but they’re intensifying now.

We now know the Cybertruck will be available with air suspension, and we also know there could be an option to have it finished with scratch-resistant coating.

Crucially, we know that a Cybertruck Delivery Event is just a few weeks away.

Is the wait finally over?

Fingers crossed.

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