The Pininfarina Battista ‘hyper GT’ has officially entered production

Just 150 examples of the Battista will be made.

by | Published on 14th Jul 2022

Production has finally begun on the Pininfarina Battista – the car being billed as the “world’s first pure-electric hyper GT”.

The Rimac Nevera‘s twin under the skin, just 150 examples of the Battista will be made.

Each is being built by hand in a special factory in Cambiano, Italy.

From start to finish, each car takes 10-18 weeks to complete, with up to 1340 hours of work going into it.

The carbon fiber chassis and electric driveline is supplied directly by Rimac.

Then, Pininfarina sets about cloaking it in this stunning body.

Painting it accounts for four weeks of the entire process.

A unique multi-layer metallic finish is applied to all cars, with each panel being analyzed to ensure there’s a perfect color match.


Most of the vehicle – around 80 percent – is then assembled over the course of two days.

A precise wheel and steering rack alignment adds another day to the process.

Finally, it goes through a thorough examination before being delivered to the lucky customer.

This includes an on-road test on a special route.

Each car is also looked at it in a special light tunnel to detect any cosmetic imperfections.

Every example of the Pininfarina Battista is bespoke.

The company claims 13.9 quintillion exterior combinations and 128 million interior combinations are available.

And to think that just 150 will be made with that much possibility on the table.

How much is a Pininfarina Battista?

Each example of the electric hypercar is priced from a whopping US$1.99 million (€1.98 million).

However, most would end up costing far more than that once specified.

The most powerful Italian car ever made, the Battista makes a whopping 1900PS (1874hp; 1397kW).

It can get from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in under two seconds.

While a limited run of five Anniversario models is sold out, only around half the Battista build slots are accounted for.

Automobili Pininfarina offers it through 25 retail partners around the world.

The brand also offers customers a special ‘flying doctor’ service to take care of maintenance.

Take a look back to the debut of the Pininfarina Battista:



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