Tom Brady hits drone out of the sky on board $300m superyacht

MrBeast just set Tom Brady a crazy challenge on board a $300 million superyacht - and the retired NFL quarterback did not disappoint.

by | Published on 12th Jun 2023

Tom Brady has made a guest appearance in MrBeast’s latest video, showing off just how crazy talented he is. 

The number one quarterback in NFL history jumped aboard a $300 million yacht with the YouTuber in his latest video.

And of course, MrBeast took the opportunity to give Brady a crazy challenge.

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“I want to see if you can hit my drone out of the sky with a football,” Jimmy Donaldson AKA MrBeast said. 

Brady accepted, teasing he might even come out of retirement if he gets it on the first try. 

After some support from his daughter in the form of “dad you’re going to miss”, Brady lines his shot up and goes for it. 

Brady hits the drone on the first try and sends it hurtling down into the water below. 

Unfortunately, there’s no more said about his coming out of retirement.

The crazy stunt happened aboard a $300 million superyacht. 

The yacht was a part of MrBeast’s most recent video, in which he compared a lineup of yachts priced from just $1 to $1 billion. 

First, MrBeast buys a yacht for $1 – which you might find hard to believe. 

But the second he shows the interior of the yacht, the price makes more sense. 

The interior is basically stripped, and the second they take the vessel out onto the water, it sinks. 

The guys on board are forced to jump off the boat as it goes down – you can watch the chaos unfold here!

MrBeast gradually moves his way up from the $1 yacht to a $1 million yacht, $25 million yacht, $300 million yacht, and eventually a $1 billion superyacht. 

The $1 billion yacht is absurd – it’s bigger than three statues of liberty. 

The vessel is 1200 feet long, 17 stories high and can carry 10,000 people. 

Not only is it massive, but it’s packed with just about everything you could imagine.

It has water slides, an indoor mall, a basketball court, mini golf, a helipad, and a gaming arcade.  

It also has robots behind the bar making your cocktails. 



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