Tom Cruise’s $20 million private jet is a flying spa and theater all in one

It is from your average Gulfstream IV.
  • Tom Cruise absolutely loves flying and in 1994, he obtained his license.
  • The actor is known to have spent million on buying private aircrafts.
  • Included in Cruise’s collection is a Gulfstream IV private jet, with its own cinema room and jacuzzi bathtub.

Published on Oct 26, 2023 at 5:13PM (UTC+4)

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Tom Cruise owns a Gulfstream IV private jet with its own cinema room and jacuzzi bathtub

If there’s one thing Tom Cruise loves, it’s flying.

And we’re not just talking his role in Top Gun where he performs all his own stunts either.

Yes, the man loves flying as part of his job, but he’s not afraid of dishing out millions, especially on his incredible plane collection.

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As well as owning a $50 million car collection, the actor is known to have spent million on buying private aircrafts.

These include a $4 million World War II-era P-51 Mustang single-seater fighter plane and a $7 million HondaJet.

But perhaps his most impressive possession is a $20 million Gulfstream private jet.

According to Forbes, Tom Cruise obtained his flying license back in 1994.

Now, when it comes to flying, it isn’t just about speed – the actor also enjoys the luxury of it all.

That explains which Tom Cruise is so fond of his Gulfstream IV, which can accommodate 19 passengers and includes a cinema room and a jacuzzi bathtub.

The private jet’s seats look incredibly comfortable, as they have a wide backrest and are padded.

It also has a very practical sofa bed, where Tom Cruise or any other passengers who are invited on his private jet can take a nap during the flight, especially if it’s a long one.

Finally, the bathroom is quite spacious for an airplane, and includes all the products and essentials: hand soap, a golden faucet, a towel, etc.

And, when it’s not in use, Cruise safely tucks the jet away in his private hangar, which contains his jaw-dropping collection.

On one occasion, Tom Cruise flew his private jet to the UK, where the actors of a new movie of the Mission Impossible saga were filming.

Why? To give them 300 portions of his favorite cake.

Apparently, the cake is baked at the actor’s favourite bakery in Los Angeles, and he goes crazy for it.

That’s why he thought it would be a good idea for the film crew to taste what he considers a delicacy.

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