Inside the multi-million dollar concept mansion designed for Tom Cruise 

The home is inspired by the 'biggest stunt in cinema history' the actor pulled off for the latest Mission Impossible movie.

by | Published on 15th Sep 2023

This is the incredible multi-million dollar concept mansion created for Tom Cruise

Designed by AI, the home is actually inspired by the incredibly dangerous stunt the actor performed in the latest Mission Impossible movie.

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The sanctuary sits atop a cliff in Norway and is made up of about five levels that jut out over the water below. 

One of its most striking design features is the infinity pool that curves around the property and looks out over the stunning view. 

It’s hard to look past the exterior, but it’s the interior of the home that really screams ‘secret field agent’.

The interior is defined by expansive rooms with a dark, and almost sinister feel to them.

The indoor pool sits underneath an archway made out of wooden panels that cast a striking pattern over the water below. 

And the living room is fitted with dark greens and grays that blend into the stone walls around them. 

Sticking to the dark, dramatic theme, the bedroom is lit with lanterns and has a fire in the middle of the room. 

The rock wall behind the bed and the wildly high ceiling only add to the dramatic feel of the suite too. 

Then, of course, the concept mansion has a commercial-sized cinema room, fitted with luxe, comfortable sofas.

Designed by Houses’ AI team, the incredible concept mansion was inspired by one of Tom Cruise’s most iconic movie stunts. 

The 61-year-old recently performed what Paramount dubbed the ‘biggest stunt in cinema history’ while filming part one of the upcoming two-part finale for the Mission: Impossible franchise.

In the clip, we see Tom Cruise, who plays Ethan Hunt, jumping his motorbike off a cliff in Norway

It’s undoubtedly one of the craziest stunts ever performed by an actor. 

But it shouldn’t really come as a surprise because Cruise is famous for doing all his own stunts for movies. 



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