These are the top 10 most stolen cars in the US, so does yours make the list? 

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These are the top 10 most stolen cars in the US, so does yours make the list? 

These are the top 10 most stolen cars across the US.

With almost one million vehicles stolen in 2021 alone, pick-up trucks accounted for 14 percent of them.

Chevrolet and Ford trucks took first and second place on the list, followed closely by the Honda Civic and Honda Accord.

California was also found to be home to the highest number of thefts right across the country.

Top 10 most stolen cars across the US

Top 10Make and ModelNo. Stolen
1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)48,206
2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)47,999
3Honda Civic31,673
4Honda Accord30,274
5Toyota Camry17,270
6GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)15,599
7Nissan Altima14,108
8Honda CR-V13,308
9Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee13,210
10Toyota Corolla12,927

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National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) President David Glawe said used car values were at a historical high.

“Crime is a business, and business is good,” he said.

He said passenger vehicle thefts increased by eight percent in 2021 compared to 2020.

NICB also recorded the top 10 most stolen cars in each state.

So, let’s dive in.


Top 10Make and ModelNo. stolen
1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)15,462
2Honda Civic13,507
3Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)10,332
4Honda Accord9,681
5GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)5,034
6Honda CR-V4,258
7Toyota Camry3,940
8Toyota Corolla3,186
9Chevrolet Tahoe3,098
10Kia Motors Corporation Optima2,917

Crime is surging in California and car theft is one of the most common criminal offences.

In fact, California recorded the highest number of car thefts in the nation.

Thieves seem to especially love pick-up trucks and Hondas, targeting them more than any other car.

So, don’t leave your car unlocked in Cali, especially if it’s a Honda or truck.

New York

Top 10Make and ModelNo. stolen
1Honda Accord 923
2Honda CR-V735
3Toyota Camry578
4Honda Civic557
5Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee501
6Nissan Altima473
7Ford Econoline E350377
8Ford Econoline E250362
9Toyota Corolla338
10Ford Pick-Up310

New Yorkers will be happy to learn that their beloved city has shockingly low theft numbers when compared to California.

Mind you, that’s likely due to the fact that it’s nigh on impossible to drive in New York, especially in NYC.

In a surprise to absolutely no one, the 2022 Global Parking Index just named New York City the most expensive place to park.

That would be especially true if you paid premium for parking and then returned to find your car stolen.

And like in California, New Yorkers with basically any Honda model need to be extra cautious.

What is it about Hondas that are so appealing to thieves?



Top 10Make and ModelNo. stolen
1Subaru Forester16
Ford Pick-Up (full size)16
2Chevrolet Pick-Up (full size)14
3GMC Pick-Up (full size)13
4Subaru Outback12
Toyota Corolla12
5Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee11
6Honda CR-V10
Toyota Rav410
7Subaru Impreza9
Honda Civic9

Vermont had one of the lowest rates of vehicle theft in the country last year.

Probably because it is the second least populated state in the U.S.

The Subaru Forester shared first place on the list with the pick-up trucks from the Ford F-Series, with just 16 of each being stolen that year.

The number of thefts is shockingly low compared to California and virtually any other state in the nation.


Top 10Make and ModelNo. stolen
1Chevrolet Pick-Up9,981
2Ford Pick-Up8,202
3GMC Pick-Up 3,496
4Dodge Pick-Up2,251
5Chevrolet Taho 2,129
6Honda Accord1,484
7Ram Pick-Up1,420
8Nissan Altima1,376
9Toyota Camry1,303
10Honda Civic1,184

It’s hard to miss the fact that this list is ripe with pick-up trucks.

More so than any other state.

But you also can’t miss the inevitabile Honda vehicles.

There are two on the list, the Honda Accord and Honda Civic.


Top 10
Make and ModelNo. stolen
1Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee 1,187
2Chevrolet Malibu 672
3Dodge Charger660
4Toyota Camry640
5Nissan Altima622
6Ford Pick-Up 572
7Chevrolet Impala570
8Chevrolet Pick-Up484
9Honda Civic450
10Honda Accord410

So, how should you protect your car against theft?

The NICB recommends the following steps:

  • Roll up your windows, lock your doors and take the keys or fob with you
  • Park in well-lit areas or places staffed by security
  • Remove any valuables from your car or keep them out-of-site in your truck
  • Add a tracking device to your car

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