The incredible boat that can FLY above the water at nearly 200km/h 

by | May 20, 2022 - 4:13PM | Superyachts, Tech, Travel

This boat can fly above the water at nearly 200km/h. 

The Airfish 8 is technically a boat, but also flies like a plane. 

The groundbreaking technology has the potential to completely revolutionize travel.

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The Singapore company behind the invention, Wigetworks, expects it to fill a niche in the marine transport industry, especially travel between small islands that lack landing space. 

The technology allows it to glide through the water as smoothly as a boat, but reach its destination three times faster (sign me up!)


And when it reaches its stop, it can dock just like a regular boat. 

The Airfish 8 has a V8 car engine that produces 500HP, and can carry up to eight passengers along with two pilots. 

With that power, it can reach maximum speeds of 193km/h (120mph).

Officially classified as a marine craft, the Airfish 8 can fly up to seven meters above the water. 

And instead of running on aviation fuel, it runs on 95 unleaded gas, meaning it’s not as absurdly expensive to run as you might expect. 

Wigetworks executive director Kenneth Tan said “for a craft of this nature, we’re at the forefront”.

“The prototype that we have is the first in the whole world to be registered as a merchant ship under the Singapore Registry of Shipping,” he said. 

With its ability to land on water rather than land, he said the Airfish 8 could also revolutionize search and rescue missions. 

“Essentially, this has got the ability as a high speed craft that can reach any disaster site or any rescue site,” Tan said. 

With more than 15 years of research and development, Wigetworks said it was ready to start manufacturing. 


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