Watch the iconic Kenworth W900LX truck whittled out of wood

A crazy amount of detail has gone into making the wooden Kenworth W900LX truck – it even has jack stands, utility boxes, and fuel tanks like the real thing.

by | Published on 27th Mar 2023

When you think of big rigs, the first one that springs to mind has to be Kenworth W900LX truck.

Its long hood, dual chromed stacks, and conventional cab design are iconic. 

Given its icon status, it’s little wonder someone’s gone to the effort of creating a mini version in wood form.

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This isn’t the first time the guys at Awesome Woodcraft have made a scaled model of an iconic vehicle.

We’ve previously seen them whittle a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and a Ford F1 pickup truck out of wood.

Now they’ve turned their hand to creating a Kenworth W900LX truck – and it’s a masterpiece.

Like all their creations which are built from scratch, they use cardboard templates to trace the design on wood blocks before cutting them with a jigsaw.

The artist then sketches out the finer design details with a pencil, before carving them out with a chisel.

In the video, you can start to see the truck’s shape coming together, with the frame and suspension being added next.

Next up, a lathe is used to create 16 perfectly-round wheels for the truck.

The astonishing thing is the attention to detail that goes into the masterpiece.

Just like the real thing, the Kenworth W900LX truck gets jack stands to support the trailer, utility boxes, and saddle-bag style fuel tanks on its sides.

It’s even got a driveshaft underneath attached to the engine and the eight drive wheels.

The craftsman wasn’t finished there, either.

Next, they made a tanker trailer from separate round blocks of wood held together with metal reinforced bands, resembling a fuel tanker.

After being assembled, the wooden miniature truck is then painted and the results are amazing.

Not only does its hood open to reveal the mammoth engine beneath, but the cab doors open too, showing off the interior and instrument panel.

Don’t just take our word for it – watch the video to see how detailed the finished product is.



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