The ‘world’s fastest and most expensive’ jet ski is a $900,000 hypercar for the ocean

Published on Jun 07, 2022 at 10:12 AM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

Last updated on Jun 07, 2022 at 11:59 AM (UTC+4)
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The ‘world’s fastest and most expensive’ jet ski is a $900,000 hypercar for the ocean

Meet the Supermarine MM01 – what is meant to be the world’s fastest and most expensive jet ski.

Made by French startup Bouvet Marine, this all-electric watercraft is billed as a “hyper-jet” – a hypercar for the water.

But it’s not a cheap buy, it comes with an eye-watering $900,000 price tag.

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Inspired by such exotic supercars and hypercars, the MM01 stands out against your average jet ski through its combination of design and performance.

Sporting a sleek and classy design, it’s almost beautifully minimalist.

A total of 30 will be made, all in monochromatic color schemes: 15 in all-black and 15 in all-white.

As you’d expect with the world’s most expensive jet ski, it’s super powerful with 300HP (220kW) on tap.

That comes from an electric motor which is paired to a lithium-ion battery, keeping it running for two hours.

The company claims the batteries use Formula E-grade liquid cooling as well.


All that combines to give the jet ski an impressive top speed of 120km/h (75mph).

So it can take the abuse of waves at that speed, its lightweight carbon fiber body is also Kevlar-reinforced.

If you’re after an example of the world’s most expensive jet ski yourself, there will be a bit of a wait for it.

Testing is set to commence later this year, but it will hit the market in 2024.



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