First ever luxury ‘Space Spa’ is literally like going to heaven

Space Perspective just lifted the curtain on the design of its zero-impact orbital restroom, aptly christened the Space Spa.

Published on Oct 19, 2023 at 6:01PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 20, 2023 at 2:11PM (UTC+4)

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First ever luxury Space Spa is literally like going to heaven

You might find this hard to believe, but the world’s first Space Spa has just been unveiled.

This isn’t some kind of joke – it’s actually a thing.

Space Perspective has just lifted the curtain on its designs for the world’s inaugural luxury space haven.

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We’ve seen the first ever space hotel and we’ve even heard how Airbus plans to take you into orbit with a new luxury space station.

Now we’re looking at the first ever space spa.

The zero-impact orbital restroom, aptly christened the Space Spa, is far from your average wellness treat.

For starters, it’s not just a drive down the road – you’ll have to travel to space for your treatments.

That aside, the Space Spa – nestled within the ample confines of the capsule – will have more amenities than you’d find in a top-tier airplane cabin.

What you can expect is a serene refuge for up to eight adventurers and their captain during their shared spaceflight journey.

Just like a spa here on Earth, the Space Spa offers an immersive retreat to unwind, with soothing soundscapes serenading explorers.

Its decor includes plant life, paying tribute to Space Perspective’s founders’ experiences within Biosphere 2.

From a practical perspective, the “cocooning” atmosphere, devoid of sharp edges, ensures a hygienic environment with easily cleanable surfaces.

Apparently, the addition of greenery and soft surfaces also aids in sound and odour control.

As well as being pampered to within an inch of the lives, travelers aboard Spaceship Neptune can also experience a wealth of other amenities.

These include a world-class culinary experience, plush seating, customized headphones, amenity kits, and even Wi-Fi.

Don’t forget to pack your charger, though, as the last thing you want after traveling all that way is for your phone battery to die.

Space Perspective announced in July that it’s sold more than 1,600 tickets for its Space Spa so far.

That number surpasses the ticket sales of any other space tourism company, amounting to a remarkable $200 million in revenue.

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