The world’s largest engines and what they power

From Ferrari's biggest V12 to the most powerful engine in the world, put your knowledge about the world's largest engines to the test with our quiz.

by | Published on 17th Mar 2023

Did you know that the largest engine in the world is taller than some apartment buildings?

And did you know that the biggest Italian engine ever created can be found in none other than a Fiat?

From Ferrari’s biggest V12 to the most powerful engine in the world, put your knowledge of the world’s largest engines to the test with our quiz.

#1. This is Brutus, a one-off vehicle powered by a WHAT engine?

Dubbed the ‘world’s most dangerous car’, Brutus is powered by a 47-liter engine from an aircraft.

#2. What car uses the world's largest production engine?

The Bugatti Chiron has the largest production engine in terms of cylinders (W16).

Meanwhile, the Dodge Viper is powered by the largest engine in terms of cubic capacity (8.4 L).

So both answers are correct.

#3. What's the power output of the world's most powerful engine?

Wärtsilä RTA96, the largest engine in the world, runs on diesel and is designed for ships.

It makes over 107,000 hp and it is absolutely huge, standing over 13 meters high and 26 meters long.

#4. How big is the engine of a Fiat S76 RECORD?

The Fiat S76 Record uses a 28-liter (!!!!) 4-cylinder engine, delivering 290 horsepower.

Believe it or not, this was the largest engine ever built by an Italian manufacturer… for a Fiat.

Imagine that.

#5. Who makes the world's most powerful gas-powered car?

With a power output of over 1,800 hp from its 6.6-liter V8, the Hennessey Venom F5 is the most powerful gas-powered car in the world.

Ie, not including electric cars.

#6. Which Ferrari has the largest engine?

The 812 (and the Daytona SP3) uses the largest production engine ever produced by Ferrari: a 6.5-liter V12.



Great job!

You obviously know your way around the world’s largest engines.

Not great, right?

But hey, you can always go over the answers and take the quiz again.

Nailed it? Make sure to check out more of our quizzes here!



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