The world’s most expensive meal will be served in space

It's not going to be for everyone.
  • Space Perspective teamed up with SpaceVip to offer a Michelin-starred meal in outer orbit
  • The tickets are pricey, and numbered
  • However, the view will probably make it worth it

Published on Mar 18, 2024 at 1:14PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 19, 2024 at 1:13PM (UTC+4)

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This space balloon is designed to take eight people up into orbit, and it has a super stylish cabin.

More importantly, it also has a nice restaurant.

Although, ‘nice’ probably just doesn’t cut it, especially when you hear what’s in store for these lucky travelers.

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‘Spaceship Neptune’ is a space balloon designed by Space Perspective, and it has an amazing lounge-like interior with plush seats and ambient lighting.

The company teamed up with SpaceVIP to offer a sensational ‘gourmet experience’ as part of the journey.

According to SpaceVIP, Michelin-starred Danish chef, Rasmus Munk, is crafting a ‘space’ menu as we speak.

The only problem is, it isn’t cheap.

A meal in the stratosphere will set you back $500,000.

The price is probably justified by the scale of the project, and the fact that it’s not like they can sell thousands of tickets to make up for the cost.

Only eight lucky passengers will use this as a means of transport to explore the outer edge of Earth’s atmosphere.

The company says it is currently developing the final prototype near the Cape Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and building the balloon wasn’t easy.

According to CEO of Space Perspective, engineers had to build 130 prototypes before getting it right.

It is designed to land on water, which makes it easier to maneuver.

The interior features 360-degree windows, allowing passengers to look at the Earth below or into the depths of space.

It also has reclining seats that look like they come straight from a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley, plus a bathroom and WiFi connection.

And you’ll find a cocktail bar with fresh herbs for the drinks and a cabinet for snacks.

In case the $500,000 meal isn’t enough, of course.

The space balloon will take off at 19km/h (12mph), slowly ascend into orbit, and then land on water.

The flight lasts around six hours.

Testing was supposed to begin in 2023, with the first flight scheduled for 2024.

But the timeline has changed, and so has the price.

Tickets were originally rumored to be in the region of $100,000-$150,000.

It seems that’s not the case anymore.

The ‘space race’ is back on, also thanks to Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, and it involves both public and private funding.

Private companies such as SpaceX are working with NASA to develop new projects and take us to the moon again.

At the same time, space travel for paying passengers is becoming a thing as well.

For tourists and, as it turns out, for foodies.

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