World’s most futuristic car is a wheel-less marvel designed like a bubble

It floats over the road using magnet technology.

  • The world’s most futuristic car has been revealed
  • It was designed by Renault
  • It has no wheels and levitates using magnets

Published on Jan 25, 2024 at 4:13PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 25, 2024 at 5:03PM (UTC+4)

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World's most futuristic car is a wheel-less marvel designed like a bubble

Want to check out the newly unveiled wheels of the future? Spoiler alert: the world’s most futuristic car is entirely wheel-less, non-directional and looks like a bubble.

The extendable and glossy glass pod can move in any direction without turning around.

With a transparent glass exterior, silver bucket seats and sliding doors, the concept is designed to look like a bubble as it glides.

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The Renault car, nicknamed ‘The Float’ was designed by a then-23-year-old Yuchen Cai.

The graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University won a Renault-sponsored design competition that asked participants to think about future of the autonomous car. 

And it’s not the only floating concept vehicle with this flying superyacht powered by helium taking luxury to new heights on the ocean.

The autonomous float hovercraft is based on the same technology as Tesla’s Hyperloop and China’s high-speed Maglev train.

This technology is faster than a plane and has the ability to reduce air pollution emissions, minimise travel time and reduce costs.

There is only one Maglev train in operation in China, connecting the airport in Shanghai to the city centre.

The 19-mile journey can be complete in about seven minutes.

The wheel-less bubble car would use Maglev technology, or magnetic levitation, to propel it forwards.

It can also be compared to superfast shuttle, the Tesla Hyperloop.

Passengers sit in pods as they’re whisked through a vacuum-sealed tube at 700mph.

It would be the fastest means of transport in the world.

Most trains only reach a maximum speed of 225 km/h (140 mph).

The Hyperloop’s pressurised pods levitate on tracks, also using magnets.

By sucking out all the air from the tube, the pods would be able to be propelled between destinations at super speeds.

The groundbreaking technology means the futuristic car could only be brought to market involve magnet technology.

It would travel along specially-built magnetic lines.

Each pod has space for one or two people.

These pods can attach to others via a magnetic belt around the exterior meaning the possibilities are infinite.

And, using an app, they can be rented like a taxi.

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