Watch as the world’s first flying car the Xpeng X2 completes cross-river flight

It was a short but sweet flight.
  • The world’s flying car, the Xpeng X2, has completed its first cross-river flight
  • The flight, which covered a distance of 1.5 km, lasted four minutes
  • Before the cross-river flight, the Xpeng X2 underwent nearly 4,000 test flights

Published on Feb 29, 2024 at 6:23PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 11, 2024 at 1:28PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

The Xpeng X2 has completed its first cross-river flight.

The world’s first flying car, which looks like it stepped straight of a sci-fi movie, completed the short flight across the Xiang river in Changsha, China.

Apparently, the flying car took off from the left bank of the river and landed at Zhoutou Square, covering a distance of 1.5 km (0.93 mi), and spending four minutes in the air.

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The world of flying cars is still in its infancy, but if the Xpeng is anything to go by, the future is bright.

The Chinese company’s prototype X2 can fly for around 35 minutes off a three-hour charge, and – if things keep going the way they are – we’ll definitely see improvements to that in the near future.

Unlike consumer drones, which have only four motors, the Xpeng X2 is an octocopter, with each “arm” having a pair of engines and propellers.

This is to provide extra thrust and adds some redundancy, meaning the aircraft could maintain flight is one motor was to fail.

If more motors fail, a built-in parachute (hopefully not an optional extra) will help cushion the fall.

The Xpeng X2’s airframe dimensions are (L/W/H) 5,772/5,124/1,362mm, and the wheelbase is… well, there is no wheelbase.

Constructed mainly from carbon materials, the X2 has a curb weight of 680 kg and, as a two-seater, it can carry a maximum payload of 160 kg.

AeroHT, the startup that’s backing the project, claims this is China’s first flying car cross-river flight and a significant milestone in the development of flying car technology.

Before the cross-river flight, the Xpeng X2 underwent nearly 4,000 test flights, including flights in various application scenarios, such as urban CBDs, sea areas, and deserts.

In June 2022, patent images of Xpeng’s new flying car were leaked online, revealing the next-gen eVOTL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft that looks more like a car than drone.

Then, in October 2022, Xpeng X2 completed its international flight debut in Dubai, making headlines and gaining recognition outside of China.

And it was while the X2 was in Dubai, Supercar Blondie’s Sergi Galiano got to check it out for himself – the video’s above.

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