China’s flying supercar company reveals more surprising new vehicles

The flying supercar already has a functioning prototype.
  • XPENG has unveiled two new concept flying cars
  • One featured both an eVTOL and an aircraft deployment van
  • The other is a flying supercar

Published on Dec 1, 2023 at 8:24PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 5, 2023 at 8:04PM (UTC+4)

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Chinas flying car company reveals surprising new vehicles

XPENG has launched two new flying car concepts.

The Chinese company has earned a solid reputation in the world of eVTOLs.

Now it’s unveiled two more to add to its fleet.

One is a flying supercar and another is an aircraft carrier van.

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The relatively new company declared it was investing half a billion dollars into a flying car division in 2021.

Since then it’s already completed a successful test flight of its X2, which Supercar Blondie was given an exclusive tour of.

XPENG made the X2 happen in just 12 months, so it clearly has what it takes to achieve what seems impossible.

Enter its two latest concepts.

First, there’s its Land Aircraft Carrier.

The design is futuristic, featuring six wheels and a minimalist silhouette.

If you think this looks too heavy to take flight, you’d be right.

The Land Aircraft Carrier is actually a ground deployment system for an eVTOL which sits in the back.

To deploy the eVTOL the van lowers onto its suspension and opens its rear doors.

The aircraft then slides out, folding out six arms with carbon fiber propellers and electric motors.

Then the van neatly closes up and is free to drive off while the eVTOL takes to the skies.

The van will be responsible for charging the air vehicle and will run off a hybrid power system.

The eVTOL seats two while the van carries five.

XPENG is pitching this to be used for emergency services as well as for private use.

The second concept unveiled was an update on the company’s flying supercar.

The original concept had two huge and impractical-looking propellers.

Now, there are four arms and eight propellers.

But this extra gear won’t affect the car’s aesthetic.

All its flight gear will be stored internally, to protect it from being damaged while on the road.

The car’s roof lifts up to let the arms fold out.

Once in flight mode, the steering wheel retracts to reveal a joystick.

We’re used to concepts being drawings or rendered videos but XPENG gave us more.

The company unveiled a physical model too, showing the fold-away technology in action.

With XPENG’s impressive track record, we won’t be surprised if these start rolling out in the next few years.

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