Why the new Toyota Supra has fans freaking out

Enthusiasts, rejoice! Toyota has finally delivered on its manual Supra promises.

by | Published on 28th Apr 2022

After years of demands from enthusiasts and rumors since the new Toyota GR Supra first launched, it is finally adding a manual transmission to 2023 model cars. Hallelujah!

Originally only offered with an eight-speed automatic, the updated Supra’s six-speed manual will be exclusive to six-cylinder models.

Finally adding a level of driver engagement fans of previous Supra iterations desired, manual models feature the same 382hp as automatic straight-six variants, which is all sent to the rear wheels.

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To celebrate the arrival of the manual, a limited run of 500 A91-MT models will be offered in the US – all featuring the new gearbox, along with a new 12-speaker JBL sound system and optional Matte White or ‘CU Later’ Grey paint.

Toyota has made sure to position the gear shifter in an ideal spot in the Supra, with adjustments made to the center console layout to accomodate it perfectly.

Even the shifter is weighted precisely to 200g for the ideal feeling when rowing through the gears.

Gearing changes will also help the manual Supra get off the line quicker as well, while auto rev-matching is added to remove the need for heel-toe downshifts.

Also featuring as part of the 2023 Toyota Supra update is a new 19-inch alloy wheel design that’s lighter than before, along with a range of three new colors and a stunning tan leather interior.

Developed in conjunction with BMW, the Supra shares a platform with the Z4 convertible and is built in Austria on a shared production line.

The turbo straight-six that powers the manual Supra is shared with a host of BMW ‘M40i’ models. Four-cylinder models will remain auto-only.

Fans react to new manual Toyota Supra

It’s a long-awaited update that fans have been waiting for and it appears to be a welcome one.

But not everyone agreed:




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