The new AEHRA Sedan is a supercar in disguise

Just like its SUV sibling, the AEHRA Sedan features double-falcon doors that open upwards.

by | Published on 16th Jun 2023

If you thought the AEHRA SUV unveiled late last year was special, feast your eyes on this.

This is the AEHRA Sedan – the second model to come from the Italian automaker.

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Just like its SUV sibling, the AEHRA Sedan is based on the same ultra-advanced EV platform.

But while the new model shares the same design language and body surface treatment as the SUV, it’s quite different in character.

Clearly, AEHRA’s design team isn’t a fan of numerous edges within the body.

This is evident when you look at the car from the side, as it features just one uninterrupted fluid line.

Then there’s the front of the vehicle, which appears to almost have been split into two.

Amalgamated into the lower section of the car are the technical bits, like the active aerodynamic and cooling elements.

By contrast, the top portion of the car has a much cleaner, purer shape.

It flows elegantly from the hood to the windscreen, and up and over the roofline.

This fluid shape gives the impression the EV glides effortlessly through the air with great efficiency, even when it’s parked – a bit like a plane if you like.

But while the AEHRA Sedan exudes beauty, it also conveys a sense of serious strength.

This comes predominantly from the rippling muscular effect of the front and rear fenders.

AEHRA has its sights set on transforming the EV landscape and it has to be said, it’s gotten off to a strong start.

Just like the SUV, the AEHRA Sedan uses advanced, light, and highly-sustainable composite materials, including forged carbon fiber.

While they’re typically reserved for use in the supercar and hypercar sectors, it’s allowing AEHRA to push technical design boundaries.

For example, the Sedan features double-falcon doors which open upwards, something never previously seen in the passenger car sector.

Not only do they cool, they’re incredibly practical, too.

As for what’s under the hood, it’s not yet been confirmed – but we presume it will use the same 120kWh battery as the SUV.

That battery powers three motors, one mounted to the front axle and two fitted to the rear, producing 794bhp.

The supercar-styled Sedan is rumored to have a 497-mile (800km) range, too.

The first customer deliveries of the AEHRA Sedan and AEHRA SUV will start in 2026, with the prices to be announced soon.



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