Tesla’s Cybertruck spotted with camouflage wrap, sparking rumors

A camo-wrapped Tesla Cybertruck was filmed and photographed in California, and people are wondering what exactly is going on.

by | Published on 15th Jun 2023

A camo-wrapped Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted in Mountain View, California, and people are wondering what’s going on.

One thing’s for sure, it looks wild.

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The truck was photographed by a member of the Cybertruck Owners Club and filmed by Reddit user u/RamboTrucker.

The Reddit post had people going nuts in the comment section, with many wondering what exactly the point of this unusual test drive was.

It’s unclear whether the truck is owned by Tesla or not but, with our Sherlock Holmes hat on, we came up with a few theories.

Our first theory, this is indeed somebody’s Cybertruck.

Deliveries haven’t begun yet, but we can’t rule out the possibility that some lucky owner already got their hands on the Cybertruck.

After all, the Cybertruck is assembled in Texas, not in California, so why would Tesla be testing their truck so far away from ‘home’?

Theory number two, the Cybertruck is owned by Tesla.

Even though the Cybertruck isn’t made in California, Tesla also has a major service center and engineering center in Palo Alto, which is a stone’s throw from Mountain View.

Further, Tesla’s California gigafactory is located in Fremont, a 20-minute drive away from Mountain View.

Unfortunately we can’t get a good look at the number plate, so we can’t know for sure.

It would make sense, though.

This brings us on to theory number three: Tesla is just showing off.

We know that Tesla isn’t a conventional automaker, and there’s nothing conventional about Elon Musk, either.

It’s entirely possible this was just another stunt to generate even more hype about the Cybertruck.

As if that’s needed.



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