The AEHRA SUV is a $188k home theater on wheels

The start-up's first model has an interior unlike anything we've seen before.

by | Published on 22nd Dec 2022

Italian-American EV start-up AEHRA has revealed details and images of its first vehicle – the AEHRA SUV.

With a three-meter wheelbase, the ultra-premium EV is said to provide “class-leading occupant space”.

The EV mobility brand has gone as far as to say that it’ll accommodate four full-size NBA players.

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What really catches your attention is the AEHRA SUV’s full-dashboard-width HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen.

AEHRA claims it “delivers a true step-change in entertainment and in-vehicle working”.

While we’re not 100 percent sure what they mean by that, it sure sounds exciting.

When the SUV is in drive mode, the screen sits in a lower position, displaying all the information the driver requires such as speed, range, and navigational instructions.


The two outer areas of the screen serve as virtual exterior mirror, relaying high-definition images from two front exterior side cameras.

When the vehicle is parked, occupants can choose to extend the screen upwards, transforming the AEHRA SUV into a home theater or office environment.

A secondary, smaller oblong-shaped touchscreen is mounted in the center of the dashboard.

Located between the driver and the passenger, it enables both front-seat occupants to control many of the vehicle’s functions, such as navigation, heating and ventilation, and entertainment.

It comes equipped with a distinctive, oblong-shaped yoke-like steering wheel, too.

There’s even a small digital strip interred into the upper section of the steering wheel providing the driver with further key information.

AEHRA SUV design

The AEHRA SUV exterior has been created with efficiency in mind, to reduce drag and promote brake and battery cooling.

Then there’s the four upward-opening scissor doors, and active aero front and rear which has also been fitted.

What’s under the hood

The AEHRA SUV will use a 120kWh battery which will power three motors, one mounted to the front axle and two fitted to the rear, producing 794 bhp.

The supercar-styled electric SUV is rumored to boast a 497-mile range, too.


The SUV is priced from $180,000.

AEHRA expects to build 25,000 models each year, with the first customer deliveries expected to start in late 2025.



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