Despite being designed to carry 280 passengers an unnamed billionaire turned this Boeing 787 into palace in the sky

It even has a gym.

  • The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner is supposed to carry for 280 passengers
  • But this anonymous billionaire owner turned it into a superyacht in the sky
  • This $350 million private jet even includes a gym

Published on Mar 4, 2024 at 6:31PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 4, 2024 at 9:34PM (UTC+4)

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It might have been designed for 280 passengers, but this Boeing 787 palace in the sky is perfect for its secret billionaire owner.

Costing $350 million, this private jet is far more than just a sky-bound runaround.

In fact, with a spacious lounge furnished with Italian marble, an office, and luxurious private rooms, and even a gym – it’s a veritable palace in the sky.

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Award-winning Washington-based US company, Greenpoint Technologies, is a premier Business Jet Completion Center.

For the right price, it offers its über-wealthy private clients, governments and heads of state custom aircraft interiors.

During its 35 years in the field, they’ve worked closely with Boeing for over 20 and know their aircraft inside out.

Their conversions are both ambitious and opulent, like the world’s first V-VIP Boeing 747-8, that took private jet opulence up a gear and skywards.

Back to this stunning jet and its modern interior finished with the best materials material can buy.

The anonymous owner even requested an onboard gym so they could keep moving while on the move.

Greenpoint exolained that it partnered with the client to convert the interior of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner into sophisticated executive cabins.

The V-VIP interior features open living space and distinct private rooms.

The grand master suite includes its own lounge and office, finished in the finest Calacatta Borghini marble, book-matched American walnut, and boucle hand-tufted carpet.

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Embossed hand-tipped leather seats and glossy piano-black tables also feature.

But it’s a metallic glass tile wall in the main lounge that’s really changed the game – it’s the first of its kind on a 787.

But the real USP of the aircraft is its vaulted-ceilinged gym.

Boasting a full-size treadmill, it’s specially designed for working out under the threat of turbulence – free weights may have proven a little risky.

Greenpoint rose to the challenge, however, optimizing space and overcoming all the associated safety concerns.

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