Hyper-rich sheikh from the Middle East has converted Boeing 747 into a flying palace

  • A billionaire from the Middle East has transformed his Boeing 747 into a flying palace
  • The anonymous owner is believed to have spent $450 million on the transformation
  • While the outside has remained hidden to protect their identity, we can reveal images of the stunning and completely bespoke interior

Published on Feb 20, 2024 at 3:53 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Last updated on Mar 04, 2024 at 1:42 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Alessandro Renesis

A secretive sheikh from the Middle East has transformed his Boeing 747 into a palace in the sky – and the level of luxury is simply unparalleled.

Designed to carry 600 passengers, the anonymous billionaire is believed to have spent $450 million on his bespoke private jet – but, arguably, it’s worth it.

It features a VIP lounge and first-class pods, a dining room, luxury bedroom, bathrooms with gold fittings, and – the bit that might raise an eyebrow – a hospital.

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Dubbed ‘Queen of the Skies’, the Boeing 747 changed air travel forever when it made its test flight in 1969.

The biggest commercial jet, it boasts four powerful jet engines and the capacity to accommodate up to 600 passengers aboard.

This capacity remained unrivalled until the Airbus A380 took to the skies on 2005.

Now the the Boeing 747 has gone out of its production, the Queen of the Skies and her distinctive hump have become a rare sight – with some cropping up in pretty bizarre locations.

However, the iconic aircraft is so majestic that the rich are now snapping them up for incredible prices in hopes of making them superyachts in the sky.

And this beauty, said to be the world’s first V-VIP Boeing 747-8, is taking private jet opulence up a gear and skywards.

It was modified by US-based Greenpoint Technologies, a premier VIP completions center for Boeing Business Jets (BBJ).

While the exterior of this stunning jet has not been revealed to protect its owner’s anonymity, Greenpoint Technologies is responsible for its completely bespoke interior.

The floor plan gives you a sense of the impressive scale of what is currently the world’s biggest private jet, while the released photos reveal its sheer opulence.

Why buy off-plan when you can afford custom cabinetry, lapis lazuli stone accents, and mouthwatering, hand-painted detailing?

Its clear Middle-Eastern influence suggests that the Boeing 747 was converted to a V-VIP jet for a billionaire sheikh or crown prince from that part of the world.

According to the floor plan, the upper deck is divided into three distinct sections.

Sitting behind the cockpit lies an area for the crew to rest and recuperate.

To the rear of that space is a section of the airplane with four first-class pods for guests.

That’s before you come to a VIP lounge with berthable diwans and a bathroom.

Mosey down to the main deck and you’re meet with the master stateroom complete with a full sofa, a captain’s chair with a work desk, and a king-size bed.

This is all in a luxe off-white, gold, and deep blue with complementary wood veneer – a color scheme which is repeated throughout the craft.

Sitting in the nose of the aircraft, it comes complete with a breathtaking en-suite bathroom with gold fittings – which reminds us of a 5* hotel.

Clues to the wealthy owner’s identity include a large photograph of a falcon above the sofa.

To the uninformed: falconry is a sport practiced in the Middle East for centuries.

Behind the master bedroom is an Arabic sitting room, or Majlis.

It features comfortable sofa seats upholstered in beige leather along each of its four walls and small desks in the middle for both business and pleasure.

The dining room also doubles as a conference room.

Fourteen captain’s chairs surround the polished center table.

Perhaps most surprising of all is the medical center in the middle of the main deck – it’s located next to an art gallery.

Head to the rear of the V-VIP Boeing 747-8 and you’ll find a guest bedroom, first-class seating, and seating for staff that resembles the economy section of a commercial craft.

While the name of its owner remains a secret, so too does its price.

Greenpoint have remained tight-lipped, however, whispers within the industry suggest a cost of $450 million.


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