Interior of this $38m private jet is like a flying 5* hotel

It has the feel of a presidential suite.
  • The sleek and sporty looking Boeing 767 VIP private jet was purchased in 2022 by a billionaire lawyer
  • The exterior of the plane has a sporty monochrome, carbon-fibre look and texture on the outside
  • Inside it’s like a flying 5* presidential hotel suite

Published on Nov 3, 2023 at 9:25PM (UTC+4)

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Interior of this $38m private jet is like a flying 5* hotel

The interior of attorney and billionaire, John H. Ruiz’s $38 million private jet will remind you of a presidential hotel suite.


Purchased in 2022, the sleek and sporty-looking Boeing 767 VIP private jet is absurdly large for a privately owned jet.

Measuring 48.5 meters (160 ft) in length, it’s the 5th biggest jet Boeing ever produced.

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Roman Abramovich is one of its famous former owners – he replaced it with a 787 in 2021.

Not content with the monochrome, carbon-fibre look and texture on the outside, Ruiz needed the interior to be perfect too.

He commissioned Florida-based VIP Completions to completely overhaul the aircraft and turn it into a flying hotel suite.

It’s the forth project that they worked on for the billionaire.

The company told the Business Insider, the suave interior was customized to suit Ruiz’s “character and passions”.

“It more closely resembles a luxury home than a business aircraft,” says VIP Completions president, Ben Shirazi.

Vlogger and luxury real-estate agent, Enes Yilmazer, was offered the chance to explore.

He begins in the small but practical front galley, which allows the crew to provide Ruiz and his guests with everything they want and need.

There’s a full-size one at the rear of the plane featuring everything from full-size ovens to a dishwasher.

They are connected via a long passageway along the outside of the staterooms.

The private jet can carry 33 people and sleep 17.

Then, behind the aviation-grade leather curtains, we enter the guests’ quarters.

The plane feature two staterooms, two lounges, four bathrooms, a private cinema and DJ station, and a formal dining room,

The master bedroom boasts a luxuriously spacious queen-size bed with space to spare.

With an impressive and expansive TV and gloss and leather cabinetry, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a 5* hotel not in the sky.

Meanwhile, the spa-like en suite bathroom is fitted with a marble-topped double vanity, a full-size rain shower and a makeup station.

The surprise: a toilet hidden beneath elegant seating.

A second stateroom has a matching bathroom.

The centerpiece is the main lounge that features a giant U-shaped, leather couch and a seven-seat dining table.

As for technology, it has an 80-inch home cinema and DJ station with audiophile-caliber sound system.

The secondary lounge can seat eight people and is more of the “standard” aircraft variety.

It features seats and folding tables and a smaller bathroom (the smallest one at the front of the plane is used exclusively by the crew).

The entire cabin is finished in some of the most exquisite materials, including airline-grade leather.

The color scheme was hand-picked to include calming and masculine, yet elegant light grey, off-white, taupe, and sable.

The cabin accessories were sourced from high-end brands including Loro Piana and Garret Leather.

High-speed internet, HD audio, and full-spectrum LED lighting can be controlled using a state-of-the-art custom cabin management system.

Flying for 12 hours, this Boeing 767 is the perfect spot to spend a relaxing moment and feel at home as you travel from A to B.

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