Sean Connery’s James Bond Aston Martin is selling for nearly $2 million

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Aston Martin DB5

The most famous James Bond car of all time is selling for nearly $2 million and it was owned by Sir Sean Connery himself.

The Aston Martin DB5 doesn’t come with James Bond gadgets like machine gun headlights or an ejector seat, but it is the only one Connery ever owned.

The piece of history is painted in Snow Shadow Grey (this color was used for the prototypes in 1964’s Goldfinger, the Aston Martin factory color is called Silver Birch).

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The story of Sean Connery’s 1964 Aston Martin

Connery bought the five-speed back in 2018 from the original owner.

He moved the car from the UK to his place in Switzerland.

The car was actually black when it came off the factory floor in the ’60s, but Connery had it painted to match his iconic movie ride.

The interior is red Connolly leather.

Red interior of Sean Connery's Aston Martin
Another angle of the red leather seats.
The gear stick inside the Aston Martin DB5.
The back seat of the car.
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The new owner will not only get the car but also some one-on-one training on how to wrangle the DB5 from Formula 1 legend and fellow Scotsman Sir Jackie Stewart.

Stewart was a lifelong friend of Connery, so you can imagine there would be some very entertaining stories shared on that ride.


The Aston Martin DB5 is for sale via Broad Arrow Auctions at Monterey Jet Center on August 17 to 18, 2022.

It’s expected to cost $1.4 million to $1.8 million.

The Connery estate will donate a “significant portion of the sale proceeds” to benefit the Sean Connery Philanthropy Fund.

Goldfinger is the best James Bond

That’s just my opinion. But it’s accurate.

And it’s the movie that made the DB5 one of the most famous cars of all time.

It was the first Bond flick to feature the DB5, but everyone loved the car so much that it’s been in a whole lot of Bond movies since then.

The Goldfinger DB5 was the first Bond car fitted out with gadgets, and the producers knew they were onto something.

Car gadgets went on to become as much a part of the Bond universe as his martinis and one-liners.

Gadgets in the James Bond Aston Martin DB5

  • Revolving number plates
  • Machine guns under the headlights
  • Ejector seats
  • A GPS dashboard (keep in mind this movie came out in 1964)
  • Tire slashers that spring out from the mag wheels
  • A smoke trail to confuse anyone behind 007
  • An oil slick to send chasing cars sliding off the road
  • Armrest controls to deploy all the gadgets



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