This double decker RV has its own elevator to take you to the second floor

This might be the most lux RV on the market.

by | Published on 6th Sep 2022

While an RV that expands outwards isn’t a new concept, one that expands upwards to become a double decker is.

And that’s exactly the party trick the SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition has up its sleeve.

Ordinarily, it’s a big enough RV in and of itself, with 20 square meters (215 square feet) of space on the first floor.

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But then the top expands upwards to give you the second floor, adding another 12.4 square meters (133 square feet) of space.

Oh, and there’s a balcony up there as well to take in the view, or take some selfies for your #vanlife Instagram page.

There are panoramic views all around the second storey as well thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows.

Don’t think you need to climb a ladder or stairs to get up there, either – there’s a functional elevator to take you up.

Inside the double decker RV

The second storey of this double decker RV is really just designed for relaxing and taking in the view, as it’s kitted out like a traditional tearoom.

That includes everything from the wooden flooring, the in-floor seating, and a hanging teapot.


On the ground floor, it’s like many RVs in that the sides also pop out to allow for more room for activities.

The stylish fit-out continues with a sleek kitchen countertop, wrap-around sofa, and a transparent OLED TV.

There’s also a bathroom and shower, while the sleeping area is located above the cabin.

Plus, when you park up for the night, there’s lighting all over the outside of the vehicle.

And everything is activated through an array of smart home controls to make life easier.

However, if you’re interested in buying one, it’s only available in China where SAIC is based.

It also comes at a very steep price – CN¥2.68 million, or around $400,000.



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