New Fast X trailer is here with some cool cars, explosions and an overdose of punchlines

In Fast X, Dom teams up with his brother Jakob to face Dante (Jason Momoa), an eccentric baddie with a passion for painted nails, snakeskin coats and... bombs.

by | Published on 20th Apr 2023

The second and final Fast X trailer has dropped and it’s filled with cool cars, explosions and an inordinate number of punchlines.

A fitting conclusion to the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast X will see Vin Diesel team up with friends and ex-foes to face Dante – his toughest opponent yet.

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Meet the baddie: Dante

Jason Momoa plays Dante Reyes, an eccentric baddie with a penchant for snakeskin leather jackets, painted nails and… bombs.

In the first trailer, we see him riding a motorcycle as he blows up a car by throwing an explosive device under the vehicle.

As he rides away from the explosion, he casually says “boom”.

Universal Pictures editors clearly loved this scene so much they also included it in the second trailer.

You can watch the ‘boom’ scene in the clip down below.

So what’s his story?

Well, Dante Reyes is the son of Hernan Reyes, the Brazilian crime lord from the 2011 movie Fast Five.

In the film, Dom and his crew steal $100 million from him and he ends up dead, which explains Dante’s thirst for revenge.

Dante seems to love explosions, making him the perfect baddie for the Fast saga.

Among other things, he blows up the Vatican, a dam and a Porsche 911.

And this is just in the trailer.

Fast X trailer punchlines

The new trailer is all about punchlines.

In fact, there are so many we don’t even know where to start.

For unclear reasons, Dante is in Rome and wants to blow up Vatican City, and of course he has to deliver the perfect punchline to go with it.

“[You want to blow up] the Vatican? You guys are going to hell,” Dante says.

In a different scene, Han (Sung Kang) shows up at Deckard Shaw’s front door asking for help, at which point Shaw (Jason Statham) simply says, “let’s go dig some graves.”

And lastly, we need to talk about the hand-to-hand fight between Cipher (Charlize Theron) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).

“I’d stay down if I was you,” says Cipher after knocking Letty out.

“You’re gonna have to hit me harder for that,” replies Letty.

The cars

Fast and Furious used to be all about cars but it’s now considered an action / heist film.

Mind you, the car component is still relevant and the trailer features some pretty cool cars.

Roman (Tyrese Gibson) drives a gold-painted Lamborghini Gallardo that Han calls ‘Fort Knox on wheels’.

Shaw drives a red McLaren Senna and Dante drives a proper piece of Americana: a purple Chevrolet Impala.

Fans’ favorite Han drives a gold Datsun 240Z and a rare Alfa Romeo 2000 GT.

Fast X – Who’s in, who’s out?

Fast X will feature every character we know from the franchise with the exception of Luke Hobbs.

In addition to his crew and Deckhard Shaw, Dom will seek help from the latest addiction to his long list of enemies-turned-allies, his brother Jakob Toretto (John Cena).

Among others, Alan Ritchson (Reacher on Prime Video) will also star in an undisclosed role, as will Meadow Walker, daughter of the late actor Paul Walker.

When is Fast X coming out?

Directed by Louis Leterrier on a budget of $340 million, Fast X is scheduled to be released in the US on May 19, 2023.

Fast X is also the first chapter of the two-part finale to the franchise.

The eleventh and final movie of the saga is scheduled for 2024.



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