Fiat unveils five new concept cars including Mega Panda and Cybertruck rival

It makes the Tesla Cybertruck look dull.
  • Fiat unveiled five new concept cars
  • You’re going to want to see every one
  •  Their pick-up concept is a real competitor for the Tesla Cybertruck

Published on Feb 27, 2024 at 9:23PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Feb 28, 2024 at 8:44PM (UTC+4)

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Fiat has unveiled five exciting new concept cars – and you’re going to want to see every one of them.

First up, their new pick-up concept that has a very similar design feel to the Tesla Cybertruck.

The futuristic proposal is hoped to replicate South America’s Strada workhorse success on a global scale.

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That’s as Tesla ups its Cybertruck production rate.

It mixes the “functionality of an LCV (light commercial vehicle)” with the “comfort of an SUV”.

What’s more, its open-bed design allows it to haul large items.

Its swollen fenders, futuristic lighting signature, hidden door handles, and floating-style roof certainly don’t look too dissimilar to the Tesla version.

Four other concepts were presented by Fiat CEO and Stellantis Global CMO, Olivier Francois.

Next up, the City Car Concept, available in both ICE and BEV versions.

The Italian automaker explained that it’s larger than the current Panda – especially this extremely low version.

Its design was inspired by the Lingotto building in Turin – the company’s birthplace.

The building features the oval-shaped “La Pista 500” test track on its roof.

So the compact car features plenty of oval shapes throughout its design.

For example, the boxy crossover has an oval-shaped dashboard that features recycled materials.

Third is the Fastback Concept.

Fiat describes it as an heir to Brazil’s Fastback, and the Tipo in the Middle East and Africa.

The production version will launch in worldwide markets, including Europe and Latin America.

The crossover coupe has a very small front overhang that appears to have come from a sci-fi movie.

Fiat’s fourth concept is simply called the SUV.

A “sort of a Giga-Panda,” it’s an enlarged version of the Fastback above, plus a far more spacious cargo area and other touches.

Last but not least, the Fiat Camper Concept takes the van-life trend to the next level.

Much like this $1.1 million off-road RV that’s perfect for a zombie apocalypse.

It’s described as “the ultimate do-it-all vehicle” and an ode to the ’80s Panda.

With crossover features for the urban jungle, it has a boxy appearance, front and rear lighting signature, and a spacious cabin.

The automaker believes preview production models will boost its annual sales (1.3 million units sold in 2023).

The first of the concepts will debut in July to time with Fiat’s 125th anniversary.

Then we will see one new concept released a year until 2027.

They don’t seem to be going all in on EVs, but are offering these models using a “unique multi-energy platform”.

They hope this will “ensure maximum relevance to customers wherever they live in the world”.

In other words: they may be built as electric, hybrid, or ICE, depending on what works for the market.

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