George Clooney’s Batsuit from Batman & Robin is up for auction

Remember when George Clooney played Batman? Well, you can now buy the Batsuit he wore.

by | Published on 11th Jul 2022

Over two decades ago, George Clooney played Batman in the 1997 Hollywood movie Batman & Robin.

Fans of Batman and pop culture memorabilia in general will be happy to know that the Batsuit that he wore is actually up for auction as we speak.

The production team wanted the suit Clooney wore to look as anatomically correct as possible.

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Both the designer and the film’s lead sculptor took that literally, creating something that looks like an actual human body that’s been spray-painted black.

It’s made from a mixture of latex, vinyl, leather, and resin.

If you buy it, you’ll also get the mannequin that you see in the picture. Just in case.

Batman made his first appearance in 1939, but over the last 80-odd years the Batsuit has changed a lot.

So too has every other element of the character including the Batmobile and his gadgets.

With a few exceptions, the Batsuit almost always comes with a cape, is bulletproof, and there’s always a ‘utility belt’.


The fireproof Batsuit that the character wore between 1997 and 1999 was one of the few exceptions.

Speaking of the cape, it is usually black or dark grey but on some occasions, Batman has also worn a dark blue one. As for the utility belt, that is usually either black or sometimes gold tone.

The latest Batsuit, worn by Robert Pattinson in the 2022 film The Batman is entirely black.

That includes the belt which incorporates a hidden gun.

It definitely looks a bit more modern and in tune with the times when compared to the one that George Cloonery wore.

Clooney’s costume can be bought through Heritage Auctions and there are still around 10 days to go.

Bidding is currently sitting at $40,000.

Check out the real life Batmobile:



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