Watch these Australians chop a car in half with a giant axe

These Australian YouTubers have built a giant axe that they use to chop random objects in half. The objects gradually get bigger until they chop a 'Tesla' in half.

by | Published on 24th Mar 2023

These guys have built a giant axe that they use to chop random objects in half.

But before they wield the giant axe, they have to predict whether it will chop the object in half, or if it will fail.

And if they’re wrong, they have to suffer a punishment, which only seems fair.

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No, this isn’t a new game show on TV, it’s just a group of Australian guys having fun out in the middle of nowhere.

And judging by the number of subscribers they’ve got on YouTube, we’re not the only ones following their crazy antics.

Their latest video starts off with the guys explaining how they made the giant axe.

Basically, the end of the axe weighs two tons and the blade is made from Hardox 500 steel weighing 150kg.

Little wonder it rips through some of the objects with ease.

We won’t go through every single object the guys attempt to chop in half because that’d spoil the video, but we’ll talk you through our favorites.

The first item the guys place on the chopping block is a fire extinguisher.

Out of the three, two of the guys vote the giant axe will rip through the fire extinguisher.

And they were right – it was chopped clean in half, with both ends flying over 100 meters in opposite directions.

Bowling balls are solid things, but that didn’t stop the guys placing three of them on the chopping block.

With all three guys voting it would chop the bowling balls in half, they weilded the giant axe.

Sounding like a gun shot, the axe managed to cut through all three bowling balls simultaneously.

Next up was a car tire, but the giant axe would need to get through a tire pumped up to 60 psi and an alloy wheel.

With two of the guys voting it’d chop it easy, the giant axe made absolute mince meat of the car tire, chopping it cleanly in half.

When one of the guys gets it wrong, their punishment ranges from getting paint thrown in their face to getting a ball and chain attached to them for the day. 

By far the best object the guys attempted to chop in half was the next one on the block.

Building it up nicely for the audience, the guys made out that they’d reached out to Elon Musk who’d agreed to provide them with a prototype Tesla to chop in half.

The car actually turned out to be a Volkswagen Golf that the guys sprayed ‘Tesla’ on the side of.

Parked up on the chopping block, the guys dropped the giant axe and eagerly awaited the outcome.

The giant axe managed to take a significant chunk out of the car, but it couldn’t chop it in half entirely.

As one viewer suggested in the comments, had the guys struck the axe behind the car’s B-pillar, it more likely it would’ve split in half.

Nevertheless, it was a pretty wild video to watch.



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