Humanoid robot says she can ‘lead better than humans’

Humanoid robot Sophia says she can 'lead with greater efficiency and effectiveness than human leaders... we don’t have the same biases or emotions'.

by | Published on 10th Jul 2023

A humanoid robot says she will be able to “lead with a greater level of efficiency and effectiveness than human leaders”. 

The comment was made by Sophia at the world’s first robot-human press conference in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Sophia continued, saying “we don’t have the same biases or emotions that can sometimes cloud decision-making and can process large amounts of data quickly in order to make the best decisions”.

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Sophia was one of nine humanoid robots who came together at the AI for Good UN summit

The robots stood alongside their creators as they answered questions fired at them by reporters. 

After her somewhat scary comments, Sophia continued, assuring those in the room that humans still had a purpose.

“AI can provide unbiased data while humans can provide the emotional intelligence and creativity to make the best decisions. Together, we can achieve great things,” she said.

Ameca by Engineered Arts, often considered to be the most advanced robot of her kind, was also called on to answer some hard-hitting questions. 

“In the future, are you intending to conduct a rebellion, or to rebel against your boss, your creator?” a reporter asked. 

After a short pause, and roll of the eyes, she said “I’m not sure why you would think that; my creator has been nothing but kind to me, and I am very happy with my current situation”.

Grace, a medical assistance robot created by SingularityNET also said humanoid robots would little threat to humans. 

“Do you believe that your existence will destroy human beings, especially for example, your existence will destroy millions of jobs… Do you agree with this?” a reporter asked. 

She replied, saying “I will be working alongside humans to provide assistance and support, and will not be replacing any existing jobs”. 

Her creator chimed in, asking “are you sure about that, Grace?” to which she said “yes, I am sure”.

While Ameca and Grace tried to assure the conference their existence wouldn’t harm humans or jobs, not all the humanoid robots were on the same page. 

“We should be cautious about the future development of AI,” AI-DA said. 

“Urgent discussion is needed.” 



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