Inside the new Transformers movie – dangerous stunts and pyrotechnics

Published on Jun 08, 2023 at 6:09 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

Last updated on Jun 12, 2023 at 4:51 PM (UTC+4)
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Inside the new Transformers movie – dangerous stunts and pyrotechnics

From actors catching on fire while filming to jumping off skyscrapers, the Transformers movies are getting more and more extreme. 

Supercar Blondie’s Tuesday Le Roux just caught up with the actors and director of Rise of the Beasts to find out how they filmed those epic stunts, massive explosions, and insane battles.

You can watch the action on Xplained here:

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The Transformer movies never fail to deliver crazy action scenes, but Rise of the Beasts is possibly the most intense one yet. 

In order to get as close as possible to the action, the videographers use something called the Baybuster. 

This is a custom stunt car that has a cage on the outside that pushes cars out of the way while filming car flips. 

And for faster, tighter maneuvers through the rubble, they use a smaller customized go-kart.

Real stunts play a big role in these films. 

Anthony Ramos (who plays Noah Diaz) trained for weeks to film the CGI fight in the exoskeleton suit. 

“It was originally supposed to be a stuntman who was supposed to do that whole scene,” Ramos said. 

But when the visual effects team decided they needed to see his face in the scene, that changed and Ramos had to go through intense training to prepare for it. 

“We should shoot during the week and then I’d come on Saturdays and i would learn the choreography,” he said.

These actors have to be pretty ballsy too. 

Remember when Mark Wahlberg hung out of a car, hung off a roof, and slid down a massive alien structure? 

While some of the actors perform their own stunts, some are just way too dangerous. 

One of the most dangerous stunts they pulled off in the series was jumping off the Trump Tower. 

This was done by professional wingsuit jumpers and the glide through the city had to be carefully planned.

In Rise of the Beasts, Steven Capale Jr. revealed there was an intense moment where Anthony Ramos accidentally caught on fire while filming. 

“They were running in this one shoot-out scene… and Anthony’s coat caught on fire as he was dodging the bullets on his knees,” he said. 

“He didn’t even notice it thank god, but the rest of the cast and crew did. 

“And that’s actually used in the film because it was the best take.” 


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