Jake Paul gifts personal barber incredible new Rolex

Jake Paul just paid his barber with a brand-new Rolex because he “didn’t have cash”. 

by | Published on 27th Jul 2023

Jake Paul has just paid his barber with a brand-new Rolex because he “didn’t have cash”. 

The social media personality turned professional boxer this week flew his barber from Canada to Puerto Rico to get his hair cut ahead of fight week. 

His barber – JB Always Fresh – had no idea that the haircut was going to turn into one of his biggest paydays yet.

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Talking to the camera quickly before bringing JB into the room, Paul explained why he was doing what he was doing. 

“He’s such a genuine and nice kid, a young hustler, I love and respect young hustlers,” he said. 

“JB flew all the way here from Canada… and I wanted to get him a gift for coming all this way. 

“Hopefully he likes it.” 

Once the haircut was done, Paul awkwardly says “I don’t have cash”. 

After a long, dramatic pause (for the camera), he says “but I got you something else”. 

“I think you’re the best barber in the world, and so I got you this Rolex.” 

JB looks at him and asks if it’s a prank, “actually? Jokes aside?”. 

Paul replies, saying “no, I’m being serious… as payment, because I didn’t have cash”. 

This goes back and forth a few more times, with the young barber struggling to work out whether it’s just a skit for Paul’s followers or if it’s actually legit.

To get the point across, Paul launches into a bit of a pep talk. 

“JB, I love your hustle bro, keep hustling, JB, you’re the future bro,” he said. 

JB finally accepts it’s real, saying “you don’t know how much this actually means to me”. 

“I’ve met over a thousand millionaires in my lifetime, I’ve met a bunch of influencers, creators, and this is some real genuine stuff, this is not something I see every day,” he said. 

While he may not have got the $100 in cash he would usually take home, JB walked away with a watch that’s worth anywhere between $8,000 to $12,000 (depending on size) timepiece on his wrist. 

And Paul? Well, he got 250,000 views on his video since posting it less than a day ago.

You can watch the full vid above!



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