Justin Bieber’s Rolls-Royce ‘Uriel’ is so strange you won’t be able to stop looking at it

West Coast Customs had to test drive this custom car at 4am to keep it a secret.
  • Justin Bieber owns an incredibly unique Rolls-Royce
  • It was custom-made for him based on a picture he saw
  • The car appears to be floating

Published on Dec 7, 2023 at 6:42PM (UTC+4)

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Justin Bieber's 'Uriel' Rolls-Royce looks like it's floating
West Coast Customs

Justin Bieber’s ‘Uriel’ is a unique take on a classic.

The custom build used a Rolls-Royce Wraith as a base model.

What makes this car so unusual is its wheel covers, which make it appear to float.

The car took three years to complete and was inspired by a photo Bieber saw online.

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One day Bieber came across a photo of a Rolls-Royce that he knew he had to have.

He sent the photo to Ryan Friedlinghaus, the co-founder of West Coast Customs to ask how he could get his hands on one.

The car pictured was a Rolls-Royce but with unusual, futuristic-style details.

Unluckily for Bieber, the car was a design exercise.

It was just a sketch, and the company had no intention of developing it further.

Luckily for Bieber, though, he had contacted the right person.

Friedlinghaus and his crew got to work on making the car of his dreams a reality.

They started with a Wraith, as it had a similar frame to the design exercise.

They shortened the car by eight inches and widened it by 12 inches to give the desired unusual shape.

When designing, Friedlinghaus tried to stay true to the luxury car brand.

“We don’t want to take away the greatness that Rolls-Royce is,” he said.

“We want to add our own touches to it so they look at this car and think we did a good job with it.”

The most important element to get right was the wheel covers.

This is what gives the car a floating effect.

West Coast Customs scanned the Wraith and used the data to create 3D models of the new body pieces that were needed.

What followed was years of moulding, cutting, fitting and trimming to get the shape just right.

Once completed, they gave it a two-tone paint job, combining silver and matte gray.

Besides the eye-catching exterior, the shop gave the interior some notable mods too.

They redid the upholstery in two-tone leather to complement the paint job.

Next, the sound system was upgraded to produce studio-quality sound.

The finishing touch was a custom Spirit of Ecstacy figure that’s transparent and lights up at night.

While West Coast Customs were fine-tuning the car, they would test drive it at 4am so that no one could catch a glimpse of it.

The overhauled Wraith was dubbed ‘Uriel’, meaning ‘God is my light’.

Bieber had to wait three years to get his hands on his Uriel.

It was worth the wait though, with the singer being rendered completely speechless when he saw it.

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