Lamborghini filed a trademark for the name ‘Temerario’, which could potentially be the name of the Huracán successor

The Huracán successor is almost here
  • Lamborghini recently filed a trademark for the ‘Temerario’ name
  • It only has one upcoming car later this year, so it could be called the Temerario
  • The upcoming supercar will be the Huracán’s successor

Published on Apr 9, 2024 at 2:23PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 12, 2024 at 2:31PM (UTC+4)

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Lamborghini is all set to bid the Huracán farewell, but fear not — the Lamborghini Temerario could be the next Lambo in line.

The luxury automaker recently filed a trademark for the name ‘Temerario.’

It’s highly likely that the Huracán’s successor will have that name as it will make its debut later this year.

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The Huracán is the Italian automaker’s best-selling car, and many celebrities have been spotted in one.

For instance, internet creator iShowSpeed’s first car is a Huracán that he recently bought.

The V10-powered Huracán is about a decade old, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can still get a brand-new one right now.

It’s a seriously in-demand supercar and is therefore sold out until the end of production.

Lamborghini has been busy for a while now, as it only recently changed its logo to a newer, more subtle look.

Also, it currently only has one new car in the works — which is the Huracán’s successor.

First reported by CarBuzz, the automaker filed a trademark for the ‘Temerario’ name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

All that leads to only one assumption — the next car will bear the Temerario name.

While there’s enough evidence to support the assumption, we can’t still be entirely sure of it.

As ever with these things, we will simply have to wait.

Further, the trademark filing reveals some more key details about the automaker’s next car.

The trademark receipt’s date is April 2, 2024, with the primary language being Italian.

The logo that Lamborghini used in the filing looks very Lamborghini-ish.

That’s because the letters ‘T’ and ‘O’ get bull horns, and the font aligns with what the company generally uses for logos.

What we do know about the Huracán successor is that it will ditch the infamous V10 for a hybrid V8 engine.

Moreover, all of the automaker’s supercar names are based on bulls that have been famous throughout history.

However, there’s no sign of a bull called ‘Temerario,’ or at least, we couldn’t get hold of one.

Yet, Temerario translates to ‘reckless’ in Spanish, so it sort of goes with Lambo’s tradition.

But you never know.

It will definitely be interesting to see how it plays out, and whether the automaker’s next supercar will be called the Temerario or something else.

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