Lamborghini’s logo has been updated for the first time in more than 20 years

  • The logo has been changed from 3D to a simpler 2D design
  • It marks the brand’s new strategic push towards a more sustainable and decarbonized future
  • Lamborghini is not the brand car manufacturer to update its logo in recent times

Published on Apr 02, 2024 at 1:50 PM (UTC+4)
by Nalin Rawat

Last updated on Apr 02, 2024 at 6:53 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Tom Wood

The Italian supercar maker Lamborghini has updated its logo after more than two decades with the old one.

Lamborghini’s new logo is part of the brand’s new strategy to push towards a more sustainable and decarbonized future.

The new logo – the company says – will better reflect the ‘brave’, ‘unexpected’, and ‘authentic’ values of the brand.

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The new Lamborghini logo is slightly simplified, moving away from its previous 3D appearance.

The changes might seem insignificant if you are not a Lamborghini aficionado, but those in the know will notice, for sure.

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The new logo still includes the iconic bull, but the colors used in the outline, the bull itself, and the company name have been toned down.

The change marks the company’s commitment to becoming more environmentally conscious while producing highly sought-after supercars.

It was only last year that the supercar maker released its first-ever all-electric car, Lanzador.

You can see how the carmaker is trying to adjust to modern times.

All future Lamborghinis will use the new logo, including the latest Revuelto, the first mass-produced hybrid car the manufacturer has ever made. 

The bull, on the other hand, will be used individually without the text and borders for the company’s social media platforms.

The supercar maker has already updated all official social media accounts to include the new logo.

Recently, the company has not just limited itself to supercars but has also manufactured a yacht worth $4M.

Lamborghini is just one of the few car makers who have adopted a more simplistic two-dimensional logo.

Back in 2022, Fellow Volkswagen Group member Audi also adopted a new version of its famous ‘rings’ logo.

Even other automobile manufacturers like Renault, Volvo, and Nissan have also traded in three-dimensional logos for two-dimensional versions.


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