Michael Jordan bought 7 cars in one day and gifted all but one of them

The then-21-year-old went on a serious spending spree after signing with the Chicago Bulls.

Published on Oct 13, 2023 at 5:33PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 17, 2023 at 11:31AM (UTC+4)

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Michael Jordan has been an avid car collector since beginning his NBA career

Michael Jordan has a lot of money, and the NBA legend likes to spend it too.

According to the Forbes 400, Jordan is worth $3 billion, so he definitely has enough cash to splash.

But according to a now-viral story, the sporting star has always been ready to spend big, regardless of his financial status.

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At 21, a young Michael Jordan had just signed with the Chicago Bulls in 1984 after they drafted him third that year out of North Carolina.

A short time after, Jordan visited a car lot with his dad, mom, grandmother, brother, and sister.

There were seven people in total.

“Michael said, ‘I want to buy seven cars. You see that big black Mercedes, the four-door? That’s the one for me,” Don Godwin told D magazine.

“‘I want my mother to have the little Mercedes next to it, and I want my dad to have a Mercedes. I want my grandmother to have a big Pontiac Bonneville, and my brothers and sisters—Firebird Trans Ams, beautiful Pontiacs’.”

He chose seven different cars, one for each of his family members, and kept just one for himself.

Knowing just how keen young athletes were to spend their money, Godwin, who was the car salesman, advised Jordan to think about the purchase.

But even then, Michael Jordan was confident he would make it big in the NBA, so he went through with it.

Considering his current hypercar and supercar collection – he was right and has made other steps to build his fortune after retirement.

Long before joining the Forbes 400, he repaid Don Godwin (the car salesman) for helping out his own father with a car in his childhood.

“I took away a lesson from that,If you treat people with respect and you’re good to them, they’ll always remember you,” he said.

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