This is MrBeast’s abandoned island a year on from it being won by a subscriber

  • Last year MrBeast gave one of his subscribers a remote island in the Bahamas
  • No one heard about the winner or the island again
  • One YouTuber decided to discover what had happened to her and her winnings

Published on Dec 29, 2023 at 2:49 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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This is MrBeast’s abandoned island a year on from it being won by a subscriber

Of all the extravagant prizes MrBeast has given away, a whole island is one of the wildest.

To celebrate hitting 100,000 million subscribers, he held a competition on a remote island in the Bahamas.

The winner won the entire island.

But what happens when a regular person becomes an island owner overnight?

One YouTuber decided to find out.

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MrBeast is no stranger to expensive and outrageous competitions.

There was the time he challenged a man to live in a grocery store, which cost him nearly half a million dollars.

He also spent $4 million creating what he dubbed the ‘Extreme Olympics‘.

Last year he decided to buy an island with the sole intention of giving it away to one lucky subscriber.

After a series of challenges like starting a fire in the wild and walking the plank, a woman called Mallory won.

MrBeast gifted her Ben Cay, a remote island in the Bahamas.

Afterwards, the YouTuber continued making more jaw-dropping videos and no one ever heard about the island again.

Enter Dara Tah, a YouTuber and MrBeast superfan who took on the task of investigating what Mallory had done with her winnings.

To access Ben Cay, one of the 800 islands in the Bahamas, Tah had to embark on an epic journey.

He found a local guide who knew the route to the hidden land, which took a precarious flight and a passage by boat to reach.

When he finally arrived, it was clear what the winner had done with her island: nothing.

He explored the island to find that most of the set of the original competition video was still there, albeit sun-damaged.

Tah managed to make contact with Mallory, who sent him a video explaining what happened.

It turns out, she was able to sell the island back to MrBeast, and walked away with cash instead.

Probably a smart move considering how hard this place is to access.

This meant, much to Tah’s delight, that MrBeast still owned the island.

The content creator hopes that his video, which clearly cost a fortune and took weeks to create, will catch the attention of his hero.

Commenters noted that this outcome was actually not that unusual.

“Jimmy has said in interviews that most people take the cash prize when he gives away weird stuff like this,” one commenter said.

Others marveled at how well the YouTuber must be doing to forget about such a large asset.

“To see what the island is like after all this time and how nothing has been done with it really makes you realize how much Jimmy has,” another commenter said.

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