MrBeast finally posts his first video on X driving $250 million worth of cars

  • MrBeast just posted his first ever video on Elon Musk’s platform X
  • His videos cost millions to make so, for now, he’s just re-uploading ‘old’ content
  • The content creator said he’ll share ads revenue next week

Published on Jan 16, 2024 at 5:25 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

Last updated on Jan 17, 2024 at 5:44 PM (UTC+4)
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MrBeast finally posts his first video on X driving $250 million worth of cars

MrBeast has finally uploaded his first post to X, Elon Musk’s platform.

And it’s a big one.

For his first-ever X upload, the world’s most subscribed YouTuber chose a video where he drives $250 million worth of cars.

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MrBeast came up with this idea back in 2023.

In the video, he drives $250 million worth of cars, with vehicles ranging from $1 to $100 million, and everything in between.

MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, first uploaded the video to his YouTube channel back in September.

In recent weeks, several X users, including Musk himself, began asking MrBeast to also share his content to X.

MrBeast initially said it wouldn’t make much sense to do that because his videos cost millions to make, and it wouldn’t be able to make that money back with X’s current ads revenue sharing program.

However, re-uploading old content doesn’t cost much, so that’s what he did.

In the caption, MrBeast said he’s curious to find out what that does in terms of revenue, and he’ll share the result next week.

So what about the video?

In the clip, MrBeast puts together a bunch of different cars with value ranging from $1 to $100 million.

$1 car

First, we need to start with the $1 car.

It’s an ancient, rusty hot rod and the owner is willing to let it go for just one dollar.

MrBeast, as you do, spent around $20k to get it back on the road… and it worked.

Moving on we’ve got a $100k Tesla Model X, a $200k Lamborghini Huracan and a $300k Rezvani Vengeance.

It’s bulletproof and blast-proof and MrBeast actually tested its bombproof capabilities.

Next, we’ve got a $500,000 Humvee boat.

It’s called the H1-Panther and you can drive it to the Marina, and then keep on driving into the water.

The $600,000 vehicle is a car that can fly, literally.

Then MrBeast drives 10 different $1m supercars.

There’s the Ford GT, a couple of Lamborghinis, a couple of Ferraris and even a rare iteration of the Ford Mustang.

$2 million to $50 million

The $2m car is the Hyperion XP-1 hypercar, which runs on hydrogen and literally emits nothing but drinkable water.

Next up is a Koenigsegg Regera that’s been customized with crushed diamonds for the body panels, making it worth $10 million.

The $20 million car is a rare carbon fiber McLaren F1 that belongs to none other than Jay Leno himself.

And finally we’ve got two cars that are so expensive that they live in a museum.

The $30 million car is a Ferrari that was built as a gift for Henry Ford II, while the $50 million is a Jaguar that used to belong to Steve McQueen.

$100m Ferrari 125 S

This is the most expensive car in the video, and one of the most expensive cars in the world.

It’s the Ferrari 125 S, AKA the first car Ferrari ever built.

It lives in the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles and, for insurance reasons, only one person in the world is allowed to drive it.

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