Reddit user seemingly discovers Cybertruck feature no one else has found

"I didn't see this mentioned anywhere."

  • You’d think every detail of the Tesla Cybertruck had been unpicked
  • But one Redditor found one detail we’d all missed
  • Concerned it was a design flaw, we’ve now got to the bottom of the Cybertruck feature

Published on Jan 3, 2024 at 3:27PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 3, 2024 at 7:02PM (UTC+4)

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Reddit user seemingly discovers Cybertruck feature no one else has found

While you might think we’d unpicked every feature of the Tesla Cybertruck – from the overhead console to the giant windshield wiper – this one Cybertruck feature seemed to fly under the radar, until now.

But, as many did, blink and you’ll miss this subtle feature of the Tesla EV.

After years of anticipation, the cult pickup dropped at the beginning of December – and we’re still finding new features and details.

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But one Reddit user (Ahmed104) took to the subreddit r/cybertruck to highlight something nobody had unpacked yet.

The picture of the Cybertruck he posted shows the door open and the window slightly up from being fully rolled down.

His caption read: “I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere; on the delivery event, when the Cybertruck door opens, the window roll up little, and when the door is closed window roll down again.”

Translation: if the Cybertruck window is fully down and you open the door, it appears the window will slightly roll up.

But, while Ahmed104 panicked that this might be a design flaw, Redditors flocked to comment with their theories.

“My guess is that the window is held better when it’s slightly up from the lowest position, so it doesn’t rattle around/gets damaged if you shut the door,” said one.

“Window up braces it against the sill for stability, I think?” another said.

“Guessing it’s to brace the glass as the door slams closed… likely has less lateral stability when fully down,” said a third.

Another agreed: “It’s to prevent the windows from rattling.”

Other comments also confirmed that Audi and Porsche models have a similar feature.

With the base model costing $69,990 and the range-topping version going for $99,990, Ahmed104 was just happy that this was a Cybertruck feature and not a glitch with his car.

“I was watching the event and actually had a slight heart attack thinking the windows don’t go all the way down,” he said, presumably breathing a sigh of relief.

“Then I saw them go back down after the door closed and all was good in the world again.”

And with the Cybertruck and top-of-the-range Cyberbeast seemingly topping estimates with Redditors posting viral breakdowns of cost, the total can come in as high as $122,235.

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