Rick Ross shows off $35M mansion on exclusive island, telling Drake to buy empty lot next door

"They're only asking 37 million which ain’t much."
  • Rick Ross has shown off his $35-million mansion lot on the exclusive Star Island in Miami, US
  • The rap mogul is doing $20 million in renovations
  • And he’s given a shout-out to a very specific prospective neighbor

Published on Apr 18, 2024 at 1:40PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 18, 2024 at 6:48PM (UTC+4)

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Rick Ross shows off $35M mansion on exclusive island, telling Drake to buy empty lot next door

Rick Ross has taken to social media to show off his $35-million mansion lot on the exclusive Star Island in Miami, USA.

The rap mogul is doing $20 million in renovations, saying: “I have easily 50 million in it and it’s well worth it.”

But, the titan of the music industry is looking for a specific neighbor for his dream home, shouting out to his ‘rich friends’.

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“I know you’ve got somebody who would love to stay right here next to Ricky Rosé,” he shared on his @richforever Instagram account.

He specifically asked Drake to buy the empty lot next door saying: “They’re only asking 37 million, which ain’t much.

“I would love to wake up in the morning to hear: ‘Everybody get your roll on’,” he added.

We already know that Ross has a Georgia mansion that’s like a palace.

As for his own waterfront estate, he said: “I don’t know anybody else who’d buy a $35 million crib, tear it down, and do it the way they want it: customized.”

Real name, William Leonard Roberts II, Ross bought the lot to do a gut renovation, transforming the property into a megamansion worth $100 million in the summer of 2023.

It will rival the opulent homes of his Miami neighbors, including billionaires like Jeff Bezos, who has an extensive $600 million property portfolio.

Another resident, hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin, previously held the record for the world’s most expensive property.

This has since been surpassed by ‘Gordon Pointe’ Estate, a beachfront property worth an estimated $295 million, which is located on a peninsula off the coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ross plans to add 4,000 square feet to the 12,400-square-foot luxe property’s footprint, located on 37 Star Island Drive.

“We are excited to be expanding the home towards the ocean and we are planning a Japanese rare Koi fish pond, the walls with maybe a Basquiat painting,” Ross told the New York Post.

Celebrity and billionaire homebuilder, Manny Angelo Varas, is helping the rap mogul to bring his vision to life – we can’t wait for the inevitable tour.

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