$600k Rolls-Royce Cullinan is modded for extreme 4×4 adventures

Luxury meets rugged off-roading.

by | Published on 9th Apr 2022

This is a caravan – well technically they call it an ‘overlander’ – it’s based on a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and it is a one-off designed by Delta4x4 specifically for a customer “in the Arabian Peninsula”.

It looks unreal and brings some rugged features to the opulent luxury of a Rolls-Royce.

The company didn’t give any further details about the owner, but they did provide a lot of information about the vehicle, so let’s focus on that.

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They started by fitting 20-inch Delta Force beadlock wheels with 33-inch off-road Mickey Thompson tyres, with fender flares and an 80 mm lift kit.

There’s also a new exhaust system, a roof rack, a snorkel so you can wade across rivers and streams, and high beam rally lights.

There’s no mention of any engine mods, so we’re safe to assume that this crazy Cullinan still uses the same 563-hp 6.75 L V12 that powers the ‘standard’ model.

An overlander is basically a self-reliant vehicle that you can use to drive from A to B and then, once you get to B, you can use the roof-mounted tent to spend the night.

It’s expensive, though.

The Cullinan alone costs nearly half a million dollars and Delta 4×4 said the owner spent about $146,000 on the conversion.




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